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Brighton terror victim named as Kai Hao by Malcolm Turnbull

12 Juin 2017

First, in 2004, Australian Government has identified transnational terrorism as also a threat to Australian citizens.

Police search the home of Yacqub Khayre at Roxburgh Park, Melbourne, Australia, 06 June 2017.

A second man was holding a woman against her will in one of the apartments. @PaulDowsley with the details.

Khayre was acquitted of charges over that attack, but was known to have had links to the Somalia-based IS-linked terror group that the plot was traced back to.

It said the safety and protection of the community was its paramount consideration, and it relied on information provided by Corrections Victoria parole officers and Victoria Police when making decisions.

The Islamic State extremist group's news agency Amaq published claims that Mr Khayre, a 29-year-old Australian, launched the attack in their name because Australia is part of a US-led coalition fighting the group in Syria and Iraq.

"We believe that this person was there with those sorts of intentions, albeit we don't know whether it was something planned at this stage", Ashton said.

Khayre, a Somali refugee, served prison sentences for arson and violent crimes unrelated to extremism before being paroled in November, Mr Ashton said.

Despite his role in a previous terror plot, authorities had deemed him "low risk". ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he would speak with state leaders about changing state laws so that risky criminals were not released early on parole.

Australian police are treating a shooting and hostage situation in Melbourne that left two men dead, including the attacker, as an "act of terrorism".

Police were called to the scene after emergency calls reported loud bangs or explosions, Crisp said, adding no detonations had been confirmed.

Turnbull said there was no evidence to suggest that the last night's attack was a coordinated attack and that others were involved in planning and carrying out the assault.

"We're aware of online, them having claimed responsibility, but then they always tend to jump up and claim responsibility every time something happens so we note that that has happened", State Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said, according to NBC.

In the wake of recent terror attacks across the world, Mr Jones said authorities need 'to stop watching them (terrorists) and lock them up'.

On Monday, Khayre booked an appointment with an escort in an apartment building in Brighton and arrived carrying a shotgun, sparking a two-hour siege.

Ashton said Khayre was known to police and had a long criminal history.

"We'll look at that very closely, of course, and if there are any changes in any element of this act - which we're considering as an act of terror - then we stand ready to make them", Mr Andrews said of changes to parole.