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Bengaluru woman shocked to see spider crawling out of her ear

12 Juin 2017

This is the gruesome moment an enormous spider crawls out of a woman's ear as doctors examine her as she's suffering with a headache.

The woman, identified in local media as Lekshmi L, woke up after a nap with a bad headache, a sore right ear and a tingling sensation.

The woman had reached Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal with complaints of a headache and a tingling sensation in her head. The terrifying video shows the doctor guiding the eight-legged creature and directing it out of the ear lobe. Further inspection saw a spider casually emerge out of the woman's ear in a blood curdling footage. Doctors looked inside her ear and confirmed a spider had made itself at home there.

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She reportedly told doctors that the pain became "excruciating" after she dug her finger into her ear canal and later asked her daughter to shine a torch into her ear.

She also said that she was petrified when doctors said that it was actually a spider crawling in her ear. Lekshmi said she was terrified because she could feel the movement of the spider. As the spider leaves her ear, the video shows the web like substance being left behind and the spider with piercing black eyes stared into the camera as it walked out. Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy said it was one thing to remove a foreign object from someone's ear, but another thing to remove a living creature. The doctor said when a creature makes its way inside an ear, it can make the procedure hard to perform because of the patient's anxiety.

Bengaluru woman shocked to see spider crawling out of her ear