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Apple TV enables Amazon Video app, stalemate thaws

12 Juin 2017

Apple is also showcasing updates to Watch OS, MacOS and iOS among other announcements. They can tell you things like when to leave for work, the music you're playing, how your workout is going and more. Elsewhere there are changes to Safari to make it faster, more secure (the browser will use machine learning to identify and block ad trackers), and the welcome introduction of the ability to block autoplay videos.

There aren't any headline grabbing features such as Sierra's introduction of Siri to macOS a year ago, but that was never really on the cards. Apple's new 27-inch iMac and iMac Pro will support VR right out of the box. Available in white and black, the $349 device is being marketed as a smart speaker with higher quality audio than its competitors.

The biggest upgrade went to Apple's iMac line, all of which will get a performance boost with Intel's 7th generation Kady Lake processors as well as increased memory capacity (though boosting your system's memory will cost you). Apple is expected to show off a new, larger iPad Pro, as well as updated MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with speedier processors.

Apple TV enables Amazon Video app, stalemate thaws
Apple TV enables Amazon Video app, stalemate thaws

While Amazon Prime Video has never been included on Apple TV, the dispute has been more than a one-way affair.

While Apple radically redesigned the messaging experience in iOS 10, the next update will focus on improving on those core technologies and features. While the announcement was light on details, the partnership presumably means that Amazon will start selling the Apple TV in coming months. It also said it'll keep messages in the cloud, helping to save valuable hard drive storage space. The move positions Apple to compete with popular payments apps such as Square Cash and Venmo. Of course, we'll find out more on Wednesday. Macintosh utilizes its own HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology, and for this you will require an Apple gadget like an iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

The App Store is also getting a makeover, with tabs for games, apps that are notable that day, and a tab just for non-gaming apps.

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Apple TV enables Amazon Video app, stalemate thaws