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A Wonder Woman sequel will probably happen, but when?

12 Juin 2017

The 34-year-old Oscar-winner had high praises for the Gal Gadot-starring superhero film, sharing a heartfelt message on Instagram on Friday. Since the movie is set in the past, it wasn't able to set up for the future.

Wonder Woman returns to the big screen this Thursday, and I for one am looking forward to seeing Gal Gadot, the actress who portrays Wonder Woman, in action. She grew up sheltered, raised on a protected island by Amazons, and approaches the wider world as a relative innocent despite her ability to fight pretty much anything.

Set in the early 1900s and amidst World War I, "Wonder Woman" gives the audience what they like: an origin story that doesn't go too deep into the sometimes cliche comic book world, but has an enjoyable plot that doesn't need you to have read a comic book in order to understand it like other DC films have done in the past.

So though Roven doesn't exactly say that there is absolutely no Wonder Woman 2, the success of the original is sure to bring those hopes off the ground and into production. I'm never going to defend a multi-billion dollar company, but I still will go see Wonder Woman and I'm optimistic that the character will be represented well.

The choice of casting seems ideal with Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Wonder Woman, not just being the pretty face in the film but giving the character depth and emotion throughout the entirety of the movie as well.

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Wonder Woman is now playing in theaters. And it is the type of film that I think you can enjoy over and over. And we're really happy about that!

"It's definitely something I'm very, very, very interested in".

And now after nine years, the first film to tie the live-action superhero movie record on Rotten Tomatoes is Wonder Woman - which is a game changer in its own right. More information is expected to be released in the coming months - hopefully at San Diego Comic-Con - but for now, all of the studio's focus is on Wonder Woman itself. Let us know with your ranking in the Movie Database below!

What would you like to see in a potential Wonder Woman sequel?