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With iOS 11, the iPad finally grows up

11 Juin 2017

Plus, there are new productivity features for the iPad, including drag-and-drop capability and a more robust dock.

This week's WWDC keynote showed off an Apple Watch syncing data with gym equipment to demonstrate some of the new features coming in WatchOS 4. Games now have a dedicated section, with recommendations, new releases and collections picked by Apple staff.

More than 375 million uses Siri monthly. This will result in better scale and ambient lighting estimation. The iOS 11 update will allow you to see floor plans, let you browse floors, view directories and search.

So, before following the steps below, and assuming your device has enough space, you should update your current apps to see if they've already been upgraded: open the App Store and tap "Updates" followed by "Purchased" on an iPhone, or simply "Purchased" on an iPad. Apple will add more locations in the future.

If there's really no sign or hope of an update for an affected app, the good news is that the App Store is huge, and in most cases there will be alternatives you can turn to instead. Siri will also understand context, your interests and how you use your device to predict what you'll do next.

The new policy will come into effect from September, and will accompany iOS 11's roll out.

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You can also go down the list of apps one-by-one and disable them on case-by-case basis. While it feels counterintuitive to imagine Apple will allow other payment systems to use its NFC chip, it' will have implications in other implementations of NFC, from retail and logistics to temporary auto hire keys. If a developer didn't want to include the option for use only while you are using the app, you were stuck with Never or Always.

Since we're setting you up for iOS 11 beta access, be sure to click iOS on the page. You do not have long to wait until Apple makes it publically available. The money you receive will be added to your Apple Pay Cash Card.

Brands will now be able to set up dedicated iMessage chatlines, letting iOS 11 users text them for help without needing to navigate through a complex phone tree or find the right form on the website.

Here is how you can get it now, no computer required, just an iPhone or iPad.

By "old apps", Apple is referring to apps which still only use a 32-bit processor.

It roughly equates to a 40 per cent reduction in border size, says Alphr, although Apple has managed to maintain the old iPad Pro's 1lb (454g) weight. So your app doesn't have to be flawless from the very beginning, you can still release a v2 and clean your ratings.

With iOS 11, the iPad finally grows up