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Principale » Merkel says ready for Brexit talks, assumes United Kingdom sticking to its plan

Merkel says ready for Brexit talks, assumes United Kingdom sticking to its plan

11 Juin 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble in calling an early election backfired spectacularly as her Conservative Party lost its majority in Parliament, throwing British politics into chaos.

"I'm afraid we ran a pretty terrible campaign", Ms Soubry said. May will face the tall task of first fending off challenges to her own leadership and then attempting to negotiate a satisfactory Brexit with a razor-thin majority.

The U.K. election results are a setback to May and the Conservative Party ahead of the start of Brexit negotiations in 10 days.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on May to resign but she said the country needed stability and her party would ensure it was maintained.Labour looks set to make 33 gains with the Tories losing 15 seats - and the SNP down by 22 seats in a bad night for Nicola Sturgeon, with her party losing seats to the Tories.

It would mark a significant, unexpected change in the approach to Brexit and may not have the necessary support within the Conservative Party.

The Downing St. resignations came as May worked to fill jobs in her minority government and replace ministers who lost their seats on Thursday.

But the return of former ministers Sir Vince Cable, Sir Ed Davey and Jo Swinson was offset by former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's defeat to Labour in Sheffield Hallam. And if she does so in the next month, she'll set a pretty ignoble record as the shortest-tenured prime minister in almost a century.

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Rex Tillerson a été chargé par Donald Trump de désamorcer la dispute régionale, que le secrétaire d'Etat a qualifiée vendredi de 'préoccupante pour les Etats-Unis, pour la région et pour les nombreuses personnes touchées'.

"I wanted to achieve a larger majority, and that was not the result we achieved", she said.

Last December, Hill also told senior Conservative lawmaker Nicky Morgan to keep away from Downing Street after criticising the premier for her expensive leather pants.

With 649 of 650 seats declared, the Conservatives had won 318 seats and Labour 261 followed by the pro-independence Scottish National Party on 34. But opponents may not be able to put together a coalition to take power. "The result causes a headache for Brexit negotiations, but it can be managed", said Tim Oliver, an associate at IDEAS, the London School of Economics' foreign policy think tank.

"But she now has to turn her focus immediately back to the Brexit negotiations while presiding over an angry and restive party and with serious doubts as to whether she will lead the party into the next election, whenever it takes place", he said.

May called the snap election to win a clear mandate for her plan to take Britain out of the EU's single market and customs union, so she could slash immigration.

But what message has the British electorate tried to send about Brexit, and will the European Union even push for a delay in talks until the situation is clearer?

John Curtice, who oversees the exit poll for a consortium of broadcasters, said Friday that the Conservatives' final tally might be a bit higher than 314, but it was extremely unlikely they would get a majority. The big decision had been made in last year's referendum, when the British voted by a narrow margin to leave the EU. The support obtained by Labor party members contrasted with the negative predictions of hardly two months ago, when they were 20 percentage points below the conservatives in terms of intention to vote.