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Captain America Gives Wonder Woman An Explosive Congratulations

11 Juin 2017

Director Patty Jenkins has revealed the one scene from Wonder Woman that was reshot.

Jenkins edged out the previous record held by "Fifty Shades of Grey" director Sam Taylor-Johnson, whose film had an $85.2 million opening. And yes, Jenkins knows exactly where she wants to take Diana next: "The story will take place in the US, which I think is right", she told Entertainment Weekly. But that all changed with the release of Wonder Woman, and DC was rewarded in kind. The current "Wonder Woman" film is set in WWI-era Europe, so it will be interesting to see what baddies Diana of Themyscira will battle on this side of the Atlantic. "I'd like to bring her a little farther along into the future and have a fun, exciting storyline that is its own thing", she told the Toronto Sun. Maybe Diana regales Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen and others with her tale of what she did about Hitler or something.After years of anticipation, the first lady of DC Comics Diana Prince stepped front and center into the spotlight to headline the first female-fronted superhero film in the modern-day superhero renaissance we're now living in. "I made 'Wonder Woman.' Now I want to make 'Wonder Woman 2.' It's a attractive story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love". And we're really happy about that!Do you think there should be a sequel to Wonder Woman?

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Though Wonder Woman has often been compared to Evan's first Captain America movie, it seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Steve Rogers can express nothing but admiration for the DCEU's solid Wonder Woman origin movie.

Captain America Gives Wonder Woman An Explosive Congratulations