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Apple iPhone 'Do Not Disturb' update aims to curb distracted driving

11 Juin 2017

Apple announced its newest iOS 11 firmware for iOS devices a few days back at its WWDC 2017. This feature has already gained attention for being able to capture Snapchat posts without the user being notified.

Yes, the driving feature, which automatically mutes notifications when it detects you're driving, stands to be the most consequential feature of iOS 11 for one reason: it could actually help save lives.

The feature will not work if the app is no longer available in the App Store, according to the Offload Unused Apps description.

A new augmented reality platform, virtual reality development tools, the HomePod speaker, and improvements to iOS 11 on the iPad may not feel revolutionary or even particularly useful right now, but they are the building blocks for the technologies Apple is betting will power our future.

If you've disabled auto-downloading of apps in Settings iTunes & App Store on any of your devices, you'll need to follow this tutorial on each device to be certain you aren't overlooking an app that's on your iPhone 7, say, but not your iPad Pro. For example, based on searches made using the Safari browser, Siri will be able to offer more personalized place and topic suggestions on Mail, Messages and other apps. They can do stuff like give you access to Wi-Fi networks, share your contact details with someone else, send you to a particular website, or prove your ticket is valid for whatever gig you've shown up to. While not the company's main directive, apps like Instagram and Snapchat might want to look into educating users on the changes that built-in screen recording will bring.

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Technically, password autofill for third party apps has been available for a couple years now, but developers had to enable the feature, and not all of them did.

Screen recording on iOS isn't a new feature by any means. What we have't yet discussed, however, is which of the existing iPhone and iPad models are going to get the iOS 11 update, so let us now shed some light on the matter.

While there will be some casualties from Apple's decision, the vast majority of apps which still only use a 32-bit processor will not be missed.

There's no need to laboriously open each app to discover which will definitively be incompatible with the next version of iOS, though. Fans will face the choice of abandoning those games or apps which do not update or risking their phone's security by refusing to update to the iOS 11.