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Tova O'Brien: Theresa May has got to go

10 Juin 2017

And given that May called the snap election in a bid to strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations, it's hardly surprising that many SMEs are wondering how the results will affect the talks.

Instead, the Conservatives lost a dozen seats - and with it their grip on power - resulting in a hung parliament which has plunged the country into renewed political uncertainty.

Conservative member of parliament Anna Soubry was the first in the party to disavow May in public, calling on the prime minister to "consider her position".

The DUP has fought hard to halt an extension of abortion rights to Northern Ireland.

Contrary to speculation that Brexit talks with the European Union might need to be delayed amid the political chaos following the election, May insisted that the negotiations, due to begin in 10 days, would proceed according to schedule.

It would not only be an election but an election all about her - a landslide, a coronation securing her hard Brexit mandate.

The result was a personal humiliation for Mrs May who called the election three years before she had to to bolster her position in Parliament as she embarked on the negotiations on Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

Jeremy Paxman didn't hold back with his questions to Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"I would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country". Both main political parties have been guided in the past year primarily by concerns of domestic politics.

There are calls from within the Conservative Party as well for a more open Brexit: Ruth Davidson - an ever-growing force in Conservative politics - says we must now "seek an open Brexit" putting the economy first.

But the Conservative leader signalled her determination to fight on during a grim speech in her Maidenhead constituency.

With neither group winning an outright majority of 326 seats, it is up to the major parties to try to cobble together a deal with minor parties to be able to form a government.

May said this morning NZT that she looks forward to working with "our friends and allies" in the DUP.

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In fact what the United Kingdom now faces is a fragile and potentially chaotic informal coalition between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party.

The party's former Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson, has dubbed environmental decline a "myth based on dodgy science", adding that he believed it to be an "hysterical pseudo-religion". Negotiations with Europe commence in 10 days, and Britain's Prime Minister is far from strong and stable.

At the time, polls showed her center-right party leading Labour by more than 20 points, with extremely high favorability ratings of about 50 percent for May.

A BBC projection forecasts 267 seats for Labour, up 35 compared with its 2015 result. Like too much else in these febrile times, it would be unwise to bet too heavily on the outcome of that contest, though Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, may feel that at long last his time is on the brink of coming.

Though The Guardian reports that there are fears in the EU Parliament that the "hung parliament and weak prime minister are a "disaster" that threaten negotiations", it seems likely that Brexit will go ahead regardless. Given the election arithmetic, Labour would struggle to get the numbers to form a coalition government.

By contrast, on polling day Labour spent considerable money promoting its hastag #forthemany on Twitter. Campaigning on the slogan "for the many, not the few", the party pledged to build a more equitable society by raising taxes on the wealthiest 5 percent, ending austerity policies, and investing hundreds of billions in infrastructure. For instance, 66 entrepreneurs signed an open letter urging politicians to do more to help startups while Scottish SMEs said they felt ignored during the campaign.

As Britain gets to grips with another shock election result, in northern England pro-Brexit voters' sympathy for the beleaguered Conservatives was in short supply.

Cameron, gambling that Britons wouldn't want to sever their network of ties with the continent, had promised the Brexit referendum during a 2015 election campaign that gave Conservatives a surprise Parliamentary majority.

The Conservatives were damaged by a manifesto plan for elderly care that would see some pay more, while Labour also pounced on government spending cuts aimed at reducing the budget deficit. A world class health service 3. She has been found out.

Polling experts - many of whom failed to predict the historic referendum vote to leave the European Union previous year - are somewhat wary of calling the outcome.

"We set out to consider the issues that are the key priorities for the British people", she said.

Theresa May's election gamble has failed - but could this lead to a change in the politics of Brexit?