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London Bridge terrorist Youssef Zaghba's mother 'feels pain' of son's victims

10 Juin 2017

The attackers killed seven people and injured 48 on London Bridge and in Borough Market on the south of the River Thames opposite London's financial distract. He and the two others were shot dead by police.

Most parents just want the best for their children, but that's not always how things turn out.

Police have named the attackers as Khurum Butt, 27, who had been known for his extremist views; 30-year-old Rachid Redouane, also known as Rachid Elkhdar; and Youssef Zaghba, a 22-year-old Italian national of Moroccan descent who was reportedly working in a London restaurant.

Collina said she had been concerned by the milieu in the part of east London where her son lived.

The family of an off-duty police officer, Charlie Guenigault, who has been hailed as a hero for running toward the attackers, praised his bravery and said he would likely do the same again if faced with the same situation.

He was stopped at the Bologna airport by Italian airport police in 2016 as he was trying to board a plane bound for Istanbul. His name had also been flagged in 2015 by F.B.I. informant Jesse Morton who told authorities he had met Butt in an extremist internet chatroom used by Anjem Choudary, one of Europe's most prolific hate preachers who was jailed past year for his support of the Islamic State group, according to a British government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the ongoing attack investigation.

"We joked about how he would greet me at the airport in London".

Valeria Collina, a Muslim convert, told reporters on Wednesday that she had told Italian airport authorities to detain her son, Youseff Zagba, after he was stopped March 15, 2016 on his way to Turkey with a one-way ticket. And I joked with him, asking him, 'is there a toilet?' "And he said 'no, I go through the garden to get to the house.' But he said, 'it's very nice". Prime Minister Theresa May has said that the United Kingdom security services will launch a review into their handling of the suspects' cases before the attack.

La Première ministre Theresa May "a perdu son pari" (Moscovici) — GB/Elections
Deux de leurs poids lourds, l'ex-dirigeant du parti Alec Salmond et son numéro deux actuel, Angus Robertson, perdent leurs sièges. Jeremy Corbyn , tenant de l'aile gauche, a mené une campagne jugée réussie et contrarié les plans des conservateurs.

Italian media said Zaghba was born in the Moroccan city of Fez in 1995, and had broken off relations with his Moroccan father. Collina said her son had been enticed to try to go to Syria by a "fantasy that was transmitted by Internet" in which he thought he could "live according to pure Islam", but that he did not mention wanting to fight there.

She says she is in shock that her son turned out to be one of the killers, and she hurts for the survivors of the victims, struggling to articulate what to say to them. She said she would rather not answer that question, and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Although her son's ideological bent became apparent, Collina said he never showed hate for Western society.

After questioning him, police phoned his mother who, according to the source, said she had been anxious about her son because he had been talking about jihad.

"I was afraid. I thought, what is going to happen?"

The attack, the third in Britain in three months involving suspects who had been on the radar of British authorities, has raised questions over the government's ability to protect Britain following cuts to police numbers in recent years. He was seen in the programme among a group of men unfurling the black flag of Isis and then in a confrontation with the police.

In the wake of the London Bridge attack after Theresa May took the unusual step of calling publicly for a review, the British domestic intelligence agency MI5 will take a hard look at its counter-terrorism operations. "Now, more than ever, we need to work together to stop the actions of the mindless few who claim to be acting in the name of Islam", they said.

London Bridge terrorist Youssef Zaghba's mother 'feels pain' of son's victims