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Hung parliament alliance between Labour and the SNP is branded 'nonsense'

10 Juin 2017

Ms Sturgeon said: "We know that Labour is in third place in Scotland, and the Liberals even further behind that, so voting for Labour or the Liberals risks splitting the anti-Tory vote and letting them in the back door".

Following the broadcast, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East Ross Thomson said: "Once again, we've seen the First Minister taken to task on her party's awful record on education".

While in Hawick, Nicola added how imporant she feels the 2017 general election is for voters.

An SNP spokesman said: "Willie Rennie might as well build sandcastles on the beach for all the credibility his message has".

"Indeed, some polls now indicate Scotland could be pivotal in deciding this election, with the issue of how big a Tory majority is - or whether they have one at all - decided here".

"People want to see an alternative and the only alternative in Scotland is the SNP".

He and Mr McDougall met with voters and activists in East Renfrewshire, the constituency Mr Murphy won from the Tories in 1997 and held until 2015.

Mr Darling refused to be drawn when asked repeatedly if he thought Jeremy Corbyn would make a good prime minister, saying: "He's had a much better campaign than anyone had thought at the start".

"The SNP are already delivering for Scotland's young people, delivering free university education and with youth unemployment at the lowest level on record - while the Tory vision is just cut after cut".

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"She should get on with the day job, concentrate on what she was elected to do which has been neglected in the past, and above all drop this idea of an unnecessary and unwanted referendum".

The SNP has urged voters across Scotland to unite behind its candidates on election day to prevent an "unprecedented" assault by the Tory government on the incomes of pensioners and working families.

"It's our last opportunity to have our say, make Nicola Sturgeon listen for once - and stop her second referendum", she added.

The poll of 1,093 people conducted between June 1 and 5 puts Scottish Labour up by six points on the last YouGov survey in May, with the Tories down three points and the SNP down one point.

She went on: "We are 100% committed to opposing the SNP's second referendum - you all know you can trust us on that".

He said: "We are targeting to win seats like Edinburgh West, East Dunbartonshire, North East Fife, Caithness, Argyll and the Highlands".

"In seats across the country it is the Liberal Democrats that are set to sweep the SNP out and in these key areas people should back the Liberal Democrats to change the direction of this country and send a message to the SNP that they can not keep sweeping our problems under the carpet".

"In less than seven days' time people have a straight choice. Do they want an MP who will do nothing more than advance the cause for another divisive independence referendum, or do they want an MP that will stand up for the local community?"

Hung parliament alliance between Labour and the SNP is branded 'nonsense'