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Warriors' Durant not simply along for Finals ride

09 Juin 2017

Green was the main driving force in the recruitment of Durant to the Bay Area and whilst he admitted that the Warriors were confident they could get to the Finals without him, its shown through the first three games, exactly why they brought him in.

It's no coincidence that fast starts by the Cavaliers have coincided with fast starts by LeBron James.

CP3 realizes that this is his last shot at a huge contract, and that the cap just jumped again, so he takes more money than his grandkids' grandkids will ever spend to play for the second-most popular team in his own gym.

This isn't to say that Durant's abilities, or numbers, only exist because of the system but that like any organization, when everybody else is excelling at their job it's that much to do yours perfectly versus when you're trying to pick up everybody's slack, as James is often tasked to do.

James and Irving didn't really cop to fatigue as a factor, although the former eventually agreed with one questioner: "But you're going against a team like this and you put together a game like we had where we had an opportunity, it's definitely draining". Like, I saw it.

Kevin Durant is an exceptionally good basketballer. "I would do the same exact thing". "I mean, who wouldn't want to sacrifice playing on a Golden State team or a San Antonio team or a Cleveland team when you know the ultimate result is you can actually compete for a championship?"

I love sports, always have and always will. But it works for their team.

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"It took a while for it to kind of reveal itself consistently as the regular season went on", said Warriors guard Stephen Curry. All of a sudden, we've doubled the amount of legitimately competitive teams in the league. For me, when I left here to go to Miami, we had to build something. Totally different. Totally different.

"It's part of the rules", James said. Golden State's roster and players under contract make it seem like 29 other teams don't have a chance.

Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Karl-Anthony Towns: The NBA's three best young players all suit up for teams-the Pelicans, Bucks, and Timberwolves, respectively-that aren't close to being contenders. Golden State's defense got the stop on Cleveland's next possession and got the ball back to KD.

"I don't think that our careers are the same as far as changing teams", He said.

Barring a collapse of epic proportions, Durant will finally become an National Basketball Association champion in the coming days and likely be named Finals MVP, less than a year after ripping out the hearts of Oklahoma City fans by leaving the Thunder.

We didn't even see Channing Frye in Game 3, even though JaVale McGee and Zaza Pachulia played their most combined minutes of the first three games.

"I just try to stay positive and know in the fourth that coach is going to call my number and my teammates are going to look for me and it's up to me to finish".