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Hundreds of students turned away from polling booths for incorrect registration

09 Juin 2017

The students who had been turned away were later urged to return to cast their votes after staff at polling stations were issued with up-to-date electoral lists.

Now those voters who were turned away are being urged to head back in the last hour of voting, now that the problems have been fixed.

Many had registered to vote online and had received confirmation emails. I know at least 50 who couldn't vote today and that's only close friends!

He said: "I phoned up the electoral office who said it was because I didn't provide ID when I was prompted, but the thing is I was never prompted to provide ID and also one of my friends, who was prompted, provided ID and it got verified and they still got turned away".

Mr Farrelly, who served as the constituency's MP for 16 years, said the "chaos" was "denying people votes on a scale unprecedented in my 30 years fighting and organising elections".

100 students have contacted Keele Student Union Council according to the Union's Chairman, Tom Snape, 21.

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'I rang Newcastle Borough Council and they have informed me that the students may be late additions to the electoral register and thus not on the registers sent out to polling stations.

However, those affected by other issues had little option at such a late stage in the process.

Ben Anderson, a history lecturer at the university, told The Guardian: "There have been students who haven't been able to vote because they haven't appeared on the registers supplied to officers. We have spent the past week firefighting over scores of postal votes, which have not arrived and we not only have lots of registration applications that have not been processed but people - including students - being turned away when they are indeed registered".

- Newcastle-u-Lyme BC (@NewsNBC) June 8, 2017Our understanding is that people have not fully completed the registration process and therefore are not registered to vote.

When forms aren't completed fully we get back to the person and inform them by letter of what extra information or identification we need.

Hundreds of students turned away from polling booths for incorrect registration