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Constituency by constituency as they come in

09 Juin 2017

Polls opened at 7am with counting due to start once voting ends at 10pm.

Altogether 650 Westminster MPs will be elected across the United Kingdom with about 46.9 million people registered to vote - a slight increase from 2015 when there were 46.4 million registered voters.

We hope readers take the Election Trumps in the spirit they are designed - a bit of light-hearted fun before the election gets underway in earnest.

The UK went to the polls yesterday (8 June) for the snap General Election, called by Prime Minister Teresa May and as the country woke to the announcement of a hung parliament, the stars of entertainment and music reacted to the unexpected news. People with an undelivered postal vote can still deliver it by hand to their local polling station.

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That year the Conservative's won 306 seats, requiring the Lib Dem's 57 seats for an absolute majority.

The first result in Essex is expected at around 2am when Epping Forest is set to declare.

Unusually, no local elections are taking place at the same time, so results might come through earlier than in recent general elections.

In the United Kingdom a party must win 326 seats to secure an absolute majority - with a You Gov poll for The Times suggesting on May 31 that the Tories could fall 16 short.