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Apple's Upgrades To Location And Photo Privacy Features Are Pretty Great

09 Juin 2017

This, however, has not stopped iPhone users in attempting to install the developers beta version of iOS 11 on their devices.

Most of the upcoming updates were unveiled at the conference but Apple kept a few covers hidden.

Though Apple will likely not unveil its 10-year anniversary iPhone until later this year, a new study from Branding Brand, which builds mobile commerce sites and apps for retailers, asked USA iPhone users if they plan on trading in their current device for the latest version.

Some have even suggested that the move could pave the way for the iPhone to replace NFC-based keycard systems like London's Oyster card or Sydney's own Opal card. So your app doesn't have to be flawless from the very beginning, you can still release a v2 and clean your ratings. In general terms, the iOS 11 was more of an update for iPad with a number of features that will come handy for the iPad users. But Apple, why did you do that? So for instance, the reviews given to an app half a dozen years ago (both good and bad) are likely to have become redundant due to the evolution of the app into something else over the years.

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You can also get to the option by going to Settings, and tapping on iTunes & App Stores.

Last fall, the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed a new set of guidelines to help address distracted driving caused by cell phones and other electronic devices. Siri also learns from your previous choices to give you personalised suggestions. You cannot only turn a live photo into a video loop but also make your photos bounce back and forth.

But what if you're a passenger in a auto and your phone goes to Do Not Disturb mode, even though you're not driving?

Also, in the former case contacts can connect when in range, in the latter they first have to be nearby (close to you, in your home) to connect. With the release of iOS 11 in this autumn season, the Apple will officially end the support for the iPhone 5, 5C and iPad 4.

Apple's Upgrades To Location And Photo Privacy Features Are Pretty Great