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The Finals Are Too Fast, Too Furious for the Cavs

08 Juin 2017

Team defense means no more embarrassing defensive lapses in Game 1 and 2 that allowed Durant and Klay Thompson to drive to the rim uncontested, or playing passive and expecting Golden State to wilt like a year ago, because I'm sure by now that they are exhausted of all the 3-1 memes and joke and look like a team on a mission. I wanted to see your take on his look to Korver in the corner.

In his first two games of the series, Durant has been the leading scorer in both matchups, scoring 38 in Game 1 then a cool 33 in Game 2. "I feel like when I'm on the floor, I mean obviously Bron is Bron, but I feel like I'm one of the best players on the floor". As we've seen so far in the Finals, the result has been nothing short of devastating.

James, who actually ended his protest of National Basketball Association podium interviews after Tuesday's practice by again taking reporters' questions on stage, said losses take "a mental toll".

The Cleveland Cavaliers came into the third game of the NBA Finals in a dispiriting but familiar position after two Golden State blowouts. He finished second in the MVP voting three times (again to LeBron James); and finished second to LeBron James' Heat team in the 2012 NBA Finals (losing 4-games-to-1). "Both those guys were wonderful, 38 and 39 [points]".

"It takes a mental toll when you lose". Stay in front of them. They no doubt are drawing from all the emotion and making sure they don't go through the experience twice over.

Lue: Well, if you miss shots, you get out in transition, and they play so fast, so when you miss shots you got to have good floor balance because if you don't, they take advantage of it. It's not just LeBron, it's our whole team. That's who we are.

Cavs guard Kyrie Irving, who had 19 points in game two, needs one of his best games to help counteract the Warriors' production. They went to a smaller lineup that contributed to Golden State committing 20 turnovers a game after tying a Finals record with four. So I never really understand that, nor do I get off into it.

Bombo Radio chief of anchor Ronald Barbarona, meanwhile, believes that the defending champion Cavs will bounce back in Game 3 just like past year.

Asked the difference between this year and last year, James simply said, "K.D." and added, "They are a different team".

That's true, but look at the box score and how the minutes were distributed. That's a huge improvement over where the Warriors were a year ago. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers out to break a 1-1 title standoff.

Yet it's hard to argue with how Cleveland managed the game.

There was still time left on the clock when James walked off the court in frustration.

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And, outside of about 35 seconds at the end of the third quarter, he was. "We're 3-0", said Kerr, whose team entered having won a postseason-record 14 straight games this year.

None of them are great defenders and that's where the issue is; the Cavs can't stop the Warriors and there is no way they are going to win a shootout. And I think we are capable of doing that. "We play at our pace".

James may not want to give an inch to the Warriors by admitting the Cavs need to alter course.

James and Kyrie Irving combined for 77 points, dominating much of the second half, but even their electrifying performance was not enough to put a blemish on the Warriors' ideal record. But in those final minutes, the Cavaliers - including their stars - made just enough mistakes to open the door for the Warriors.

We're not seeing the same Durant with this energetic Golden State team.

"So you get down in the fourth quarter, it's a five-point game with six minutes left, you don't say, oh, man, we're down five, you just say there's a ton of time left and let's execute".

"I think we're a better team partly because, obvious reasons, we have Kevin Durant on our team, but I think we're better from our experiences", Kerr said.

Much has been made about the need for the Cavaliers role players to make an impact in the Finals.

There's little doubt the odds are stacked against James in this series.

Or, none of these may happen and Golden State will go on to win this series in four, thus prompting James to assemble a Big-5 in NY featuring Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony.

Those three have won seven of the past eight National Basketball Association most valuable player awards. Golden State won 118-113.