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U.S. urges Iran to halt support for 'destabilizing forces'

21 Mai 2017

Tillerson, who is accompanying U.S. President Donald Trump on his first visit overseas to Saudi Arabia, said that deals worth $350 billion have been signed between U.S. companies and Saudi Arabia during the president's first day in Riyadh.

Al-Jubeir said US President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia marks "the beginning of a turning point" in bilateral relations.

Al-Jubeir, borrowing a favorite Trump meme, said that stronger US ties will allow the region to "drain the swamps from which extremism and terrorism emanates".

"The memorandums of understanding with these CEOs are for projects that will be done in the kingdom", said Mr Nasser. Officials said they aimed to prepare new rules covering direct investment by foreign firms within 12 months.

Indian Navy foils piracy attempt in Gulf of Aden
The absence of fishing gear on the boats indicated malicious intent and possible piracy-linked intentions, the official said. Navy commandos recovered a hidden high calibre AKM rifle along with one filled magazine which had 27 rounds.

He also stressed his country's commitment to partnership with Saudi Arabia in providing new opportunities to combat terrorism and to activate the role of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology which is led by Riyadh to fight terrorism in the field of information, and the fight against the ISIS organization through electronic fields, stressing the need to focus on penetrating the information field and the creation of sufficient expertise, and the need for GCC cooperation to bridge the gap in infrastructure, refute terrorism and stop terrorists from obtaining any funding or financial support from those who finance and eliminate terrorist organizations. He said by working together, the two sides will be able to promote peace and economic development, to benefit the people of the region.

"Additionally it bolsters the kingdom's ability to provide for its own security and contributing to counter-terrorism operations throughout the region".

Saudi Arabia plans to sign agreements with USA companies exceeding US$200 billion as part of kingdom's Vision 2030 to diversify the economy away from oil by attracting investments and creating local jobs and industries, the country's oil minister said on Saturday.

RIYADH: The US on Saturday said it hoped Hassan Rouhani, Iran's newly re-elected president, will halt his country's support for "destabilizing forces", end ballistic missile tests and carry out democratic reforms during his second term.