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Robert Penfold: Could Donald Trump actually be impeached?

21 Mai 2017

MARTIN: We spoke with the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee this morning, Adam Schiff, and he listed off the questions that he has right now.

"The American people don't participate on election day only", he said.

Trump has provided two very distinct perspectives when it comes to foreign policy: One who sees Americans are being taken "advantage of", wants to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and views North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as obsolete. "Impeachment is an extraordinary process, we want to make sure that the American people believe that whatever the process is going forward is a fair and judicious process". "You want to hit the ground running and can be accountable in a matter of weeks to the oversight of Congress".

The plan includes a 20 percent tax on imported goods, known as a border adjustment tax, that proponents say will raise $1 trillion over 10 years to offset the cost of lower taxes and make American manufacturing more competitive with global companies.

Take a step back from the whack-a-mole and unending barrage of scandals and missteps that have beset Trump's young presidency, however, and the idea of impeachment, despite growing calls from Democrats (CNN's KFile has counted 18 Democrats using the "I" word), seems a long, long way off.

Calls for a special prosecutor or an independent investigation will intensify, though many Republicans will continue to resist, at least until their own political standing is in real danger.

COLLINS: Actually. I'm going to correct you on the second part. "I don't see this as a distraction". That means that if you were to bet $100, you would get just an $80 profit. "It's just an evolving news cycle these days".

University student fatally stabbed in Maryland
Police said officers were called on a report of an assault with a knife shortly after 3 Regents Drive near Montgomery Hall. UMD police say the attack was random, unprovoked and the two did not know each other.

"The out-of-the-blue ouster of FBI Director James Comey is more proof that we need an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate any and all ties between the Trump administration and Russian Federation", he said.

Trump is also heading to Israel, the country that multiple outlets have reported supplied the classified information Trump shared with the Russians about an ISIS plot.

"I think a lot of times he's the victim of not being a career politician, not knowing that sometimes when you say a joke, and everybody knows it's a joke but when it's written in print, it doesn't sound like a joke", Comer said of Trump's comments to Comey.

Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed to reporters that he now has "full confidence" in Donald Trump., one of the most influential liberal organizing groups, sent an email alert Wednesday suggesting that activists tell lawmakers: "If news reports are true, this is obstruction of justice, and Congress must impeach". And that, they said, could lead down a road that ends with the president's ouster - but that the facts aren't in yet. Since the Republican party controls both houses of Congress, there is little movement there. Increasingly, it will be hard for Republicans to avoid recognizing the responsibility that comes with being the majority party in separate branch of government, rather than seeing events primarily through the prism of a political alliance, no matter how awkward at times, between members of Congress and a president who won the November election as their nominee. That's why it's so important that we get the documents that we need and that we have Mr. Comey come in and testify. "The smartest minds in the White House know that, whether it's tax reform or anything else on the public policy front".

While two House Democrats have called for the president's impeachment, the rest of the party has remained focused on an independent investigation.

Joining us now on the line is a member of the Senate intelligence committee, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine.