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Latest NBA mock drafts have both Collins & Williams-Goss getting drafted

21 Mai 2017

Or maybe I'm agnostic because I'm not 100% sure they don't exist.

When asked after Tuesday night's NBA Draft Lottery in NY if he's looking for a contract extension this summer, Embiid made a face indicating he didn't like the question and declined to comment. And a nucleus of Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric and Jackson with some to-be-determined guards (by the way: the Sixers get the Lakers' pick next year, which is bound to be in the lottery) projects as one of the league's up-and-coming teams, able to contend in the Eastern Conference for years to come. He will undoubtedly command a max contract worth in the $200 million ballpark, which would pay him more than $30 million annually through his mid-30s. Only this year there is even more on the line.

Brooklyn finished with the worst record (20-62) and have very little to show for it.

"You see, you don't know what's been going on in L.A. They've been like 'Oh my god, we blew it, '" Johnson said. But particularly with the talent that's available with the third spot in this draft, we are going to have a choice. (Biting my tongue.) This horrific possibility exists partially as a result of the infamous Steve Nash trade. He is the most complete player in the entire draft class.

Leonard (San Antonio) va mieux mais reste incertain — NBA
NB: chaque série se dispute au meilleur des sept matches, la première équipe à quatre victoires est qualifiée pour la finale NBA. Les Golden State Warriors mènent désormais 3 à 0 dans la finale de la Conférence Ouest qui les oppose aux San Antonio Spurs.

You've heard of the "gift that keeps giving?" The Nash trade is the misery that never goes away. This leaves the 6-foot-8 Jackson on the board at No. 3 for Philadelphia and a can't-miss pick for general manager Bryan Colangelo. And rather predict when we're going to make the playoffs, we're just going to let it happen naturally. Supposedly the lottery system was created to stop bad teams from "tanking" at the end of the season, losing on goal, to be rewarded with a top draft choice.

Jackson is too competitive to take a complacent approach to owning a below-average 3-point shot, especially now that so many National Basketball Association teams value that real estate behind the arc more than ever. If you're at the bottom, you can hope the lottery turns things around. Put another way, "It's all about the rings". However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this could actually have a bit of a silver lining for the Jazz. Incredibly, it was victorious again despite having just a 1.5 percent of a chance at the top slot - still the most unlikely win in the 34-year history of the lottery. But is that right? They won the lottery and acquired Penny. But because it was before the "Super Bow era", nobody remembers his name. But if medical personnel of the teams drafting in the 6-to-10 range feel comfortable, Giles could be a steal.

While the draft itself is not until June 22, rumors and mock drafts have already hinted that the Lakers may be thinking about selecting UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball with their pick. They could also use a good shooting guard as well. At the risk of sounding realistic, that chance is 15.6%. That would mean the Celtics would have to move a few rotational players to make the numbers meet, along with a potential franchise player. Now it's hoping for a lucky ping pong ball bounce.

Williams, one of the storied players in the history of the NBA's annual Draft Lottery, was in NY on Tuesday night and hoping to pull off another coup for the Magic.