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Israel will use Trump's leaking of classified information as leverage

21 Mai 2017

Israel reportedly gave the intelligence information to the United States that President Trump shared with Russian Federation officials at the White House last week.

Despite the Israeli protests, Trump's national security adviser would not back down.

Strieff believes that while moving the embassy could provide a boost for Trump's stumbling presidency at home, the effects would be limited.

"I am very sorry about this decision", Chairman of the Knesset Lobby for US-Israel Relations and Zionist Union MK Dr. Nachman Shai told TPS. The Israeli prime minister loathed the Obama administration.

"While Netanyahu wanted the Trump presidency to be a crisis for the future of Israel, Palestine, and the region, and an identical approach to that of the settler agenda, now we can say that it is not a crisis". Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, have criticized Israel's presence in Jerusalem and particularly its actions in the Old City around the Western Wall.

The Palestinians don't know what to expect because Trump has not yet endorsed the bedrock of U.S. Middle East diplomacy since the Oslo (peace) Accords of 1993, namely, the two-state solution. On Monday and Tuesday, Trump is to visit Israel and the West Bank, for meetings with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

President Trump has decided not to immediately move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a senior White House official said, breaking a campaign promise but avoiding a provocation that could drive Palestinians away from peace talks.

Such a decision, Arab leaders say, would inflame the Arab street and could lead to an increase in extremism.

Moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would end the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat warned on Saturday.

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Such an embassy, to the contrary, would make a clear USA declaration that Israel's place in Jerusalem is non-negotiable, so work on the grand peace deal Trump envisions could concentrate on other issues.

Former US President Jimmy Carter has some words of advice for President Donald Trump as the incumbent embarks on his first overseas trip. But Mattis, McMaster, and Tillerson, who hold the beltway establishment view that it is best not to rock the boat, do not represent the people who elected Donald Trump president. Trump is still planning to visit the Western Wall, and will be accompanied by the on-site rabbi, not Netanyahu. But the administration's preparations for the trip have tempered Israeli excitement around his visit.

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That person said that maybe the president has an authority, as he tweeted, to deliver US intelligence, but he doesn't have any authority to share Israeli intelligence and intelligence that was shared with these close circles of Americans, and just Americans, with anyone else.

"I hope that President Trump will make progress in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians and that he will bring justice to the Palestinians and alleviation of their long-term - 50-year now - suffering as an occupied territory", Carter told CNN.

Palestinians, according to the most recent poll from the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, are even more suspicious of Trump.

"Most Palestinians do not believe that any of this is serious", said Shikaki.

"Considering the 24 years of attempted peace agreements by three previous presidents, it is not a good idea to continue waiting".

Israel will use Trump's leaking of classified information as leverage