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Danny DeVito urges voters to put their trust in Jeremy Corbyn

21 Mai 2017

The Labour leader is stepping up his attack on the Prime Minister over her manifesto pledges, which he claims amount to a "triple whammy of misery" for pensioners.

Mrs May has said she is committed to protecting the dignity of Britain's elderly after unveiling plans which also include a radical shake-up of social care funding which could see more elderly people paying to be looked after in their own home.

Mr Corbyn was cheered as he told supporters that "we are moving on to win this election", and claimed that the Conservative campaign was "unravelling" as voters examined their policies.

The Scottish Conservatives' manifesto said devolution allowed them to make "different choices" on social security matters and that the allowance would be protected for all older people.

The lead enjoyed by British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative party over the opposition Labour party has halved to nine points in the run-up to a general election on June 8, a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times showed on Saturday.

Trump Won't Use Israel Trip to Announce Embassy Move
For the " historic " two-day visit, a poison gas-safe and rocket-proof suite has been prepared for the USA leader. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu tried his utmost to derail the visit, the first by Abbas since 2014.

Mr Corbyn will say: "Where the Tories look to divide, Labour seeks to bring people together".

"Some claim that cutting support for the elderly is necessary to give more help to the young".

Setting out Labour plans to abolish university tuition fees and build homes for young people, Mr Corbyn said his vision was "not a war between generations, it's a unity between generations to create a better society for all".

But he insisted that a better deal for pensioners must not come at the expense of the "left-behind generation" of younger people, but should be funded through higher taxes on top earners and big business. We all depend on each other.

He will call on the Tory leader to immediately drop the "anti-pensioner package" which formed a central part of her manifesto plan to tackle the major challenges facing the UK.

Danny DeVito urges voters to put their trust in Jeremy Corbyn