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'Sesame Street' Once Parodied 'Twin Peaks', And It Was...Unsettling

20 Mai 2017

Minor chords always kill me. "That sort of green, green grass and white picket fences, and then there's a severed ear with insects crawling all over it", said producer Sarah Schecter, who then added, "and that to me felt like childhood!" 13 Reasons Why may not have the bold, kitschy style of Twin Peaks, but it has its thesis statement.

I know, I know. Nothing bothers me about it. People want to know. And let's face it: This is David Lynch here. Oh, sure, I'd been impressed by the touching poignancy of The Elephant Man when I saw it years before, as well as the beauty of the black-and-white presentation. I'll be pleased to see him again: a sleuth whose smarts are never in question, but one who, somehow, also manages not to be an anti-social arsehole.

In that first episode, the characters ranged from endearing to puzzling to off-putting to fascinating to downright reckless and unsafe. In other words, I was hooked long before the end credits rolled.

After the resolution of the murder storyline, some fans became disillusioned with the sprawling second season which brought in a range of early career performances from future superstars like David Duchovny, Heather Graham and Billy Zane.

The show drew viewers in with a powerful story hook: Who killed Laura Palmer, the local It Girl? But I was less interested in the identity of the killer and more fascinated by the atmosphere and the characters. This very well might be a control move dictated by Lynch, fearful that major plot points and surprises will be revealed through an Internet spoiler system that did not exist in 1990.

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As the season dragged on, my interest waned in favor of personal relationships. See the other cast members' defense of Lynch in the video below. Or, more accurately, they take place in a Lynchian version of the here and now - one where time is nonlinear and past and future constantly intrude on the present. And that was that. Not much is known about the revival aside from the mammoth list of cast members - almost everyone from the original series, plus myriad new faces - but fans can be sure it will be full of unusual and scary David Lynch moments like the ones from the original series that are forever burned into our brains.

Time heals all wounds and eventually I found myself rewatching the episodes from the first season that I'd taped on VHS. The project never went anywhere, but Lynch and Frost continued to work together on a spec screenplay called One Saliva Bubble, an oddball, science-fiction comedy that was set to star Steve Martin and Martin Short. "But nearly everything about it - from its surreal storytelling to its niche appeal to the little clues scattered along the way - has been absorbed and recast in what's known as the "peak TV" (as opposed to "'Peaks' TV") era. The show entered into my bloodstream. Our original 1991 review of Twin Peaks first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald. Twenty-five years later, the story continues...

Then I watched the first episode again, and this time I started crying when I heard the first notes of the theme song, and cried throughout the first 15 minutes, and then I had to pause for a few minutes to gather my emotions and watch the rest of the episode. For viewers wondering how best to prepare for the series, THR's Chris E. Hayner recommends brushing up on your Lynch and studying the filmmaker's most recent works for insight into the possible genres and tones Twin Peaks will explore. As BOB flees Leland's body, he tells Cooper and Sheriff Truman (Michael Ontkean), "When I go, children, I will pull that ripcord, and you just watch Leland remember... just watch him". Granted, I haven't been waiting 25 years personally - I've been waiting maybe three or four - but, someone has been.

Asked why Dern is in this new incarnation, Lynch declared: "I love Laura Dern". I think that that's what really made a huge difference then, gave a long-lasting timeless quality to it.

'Sesame Street' Once Parodied 'Twin Peaks', And It Was...Unsettling