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Olympics: Paris prepares to charm the International Olympic Committee for 2024 evaluation tour

20 Mai 2017

Just hours after French President Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated a short distance from the Hôtel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel where the Commission and Paris 2024 were conducting their closed-door meeting, bid Co-Chair Bernard Lapasset confirmed that the President would meet with the group to exchange questions Tuesday morning.

The IOC will make its final decision September 13 in Lima, Peru. The race began with five cities, but Rome, Hamburg, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary, all pulled out.

"There is no major risk that we can highlight right now", Baumann added. The Olympic spirit in both cities is strong.

After the bid election in September the project to build the accommodations will begin, though they will only be configured as a Village should the International Olympic Committee award Paris the Games in 2024. Organisers say spectators will be able to travel around the city using public transportation, including a beefed-up metro system, but LA is up against Paris's first-rate metro.

"It goes from spectacular venues to impressive venues, to mindblowing venues to incredible venues", Baumann said.

Macron intends to meet the Evaluation Commission during their visit, according to Paris 2024 co-chairman Tony Estanguet, a former Olympic canoeing champion.

"Paris has a special place in the Olympic movement", said Switzerland's Patrick Baumann, chairman of the IOC's Evaluation Commission with a nod to the first Olympic Congress, which took place at the city's Sorbonne University in 1894.

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Pressed by the media on the matter, the Paris team and Baumann said only 2024 was being assessed.

To counter, in his opening remarks Estanguet referenced similar 88 per cent support across Paris, but constrained to a narrow demographic of 15 to 24-year-old youth and commissioned by the bid. "2024-2028 is not a matter of discussion".

Paris, which last staged the Olympics in 1924, failed in bids for the 1992, 2008, and 2012 Games.

The Games are also been touted as a golden opportunity to shape Greater Paris through the regeneration of numerous sites including Seine-Saint-Denis, one of the poorest regions of France with high youth unemployment.

Patrick Baumann, chairman of the IOC's Evaluation Commission, said at the end of a three-day visit that delegates had been impressed by what they had found in an "incredible Olympic city".

"The people, the city and the whole of France are fully supportive of our bid which offers a Games of real passion and goal for 2024".

"We have one goal during these few days, which is to convince you that Paris is the right city with the right vision at the right moment", said the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo to the delegation members. "It's hard to give them less than 10 out of 10".

Olympics: Paris prepares to charm the International Olympic Committee for 2024 evaluation tour