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Lawmakers unanimously approve autism coverage mandate

20 Mai 2017

The bill would prohibit the removal of monuments installed more than 40 years ago.

Tweaking the lines of those 12 districts affected other districts across the state, which democratic members of the Black Caucus claimed continued the state's history of racial gerrymandering in order to maintain Republican dominance.

Alabama lawmakers have approved sweeping protections for Confederate monuments, names and other historic memorials, even as politicians elsewhere rethink the appropriateness of keeping such emblems on public property. Gov. Hall said the therapy worked wonders with her son, who went from not talking to being able to verbalize his needs as he heads into kindergarten. The Alabama Legislature has approved a bill Friday, May 19, 2017, that would prohibit the removal of historic monuments that have stood for more than 40 years. More recent installations would not receive get such protection.

Representatives approved the Senate districts plans in a 71-32 party line vote on Thursday night after the reading was finished.

Conservatives record early gains in United Kingdom local elections
On the Isle of Wight , 10 extra seats for the Conservatives give them an overall majority at the expense of the Independents . Like today as well, the council elections were held in May, followed by a General Election the month after.

Alabama lawmakers have given final approval to new legislative districts.

Federal judges in January ordered Alabama lawmakers to redraw boundaries before the 2018 elections.

Parents of children on the autism spectrum have been fighting for insurance coverage of the therapy they say can be life-changing but at $100-per-hour is out of many families' financial reach.

Lawmakers unanimously approve autism coverage mandate