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Isaiah Thomas Talks To Markelle Fultz About Playing Together With Celtics

20 Mai 2017

In the mind of one sports media member, Boston and Philadelphia's rivalry could take a twist between now and the draft with a blockbuster trade.

The Boston Celtics only landed the No. 1 selection in the National Basketball Association draft Tuesday, but Isaiah Thomas already has talked to one of the potential top picks.

Thomas wouldn't divulge the full nature of their conversations but said Fultz is excited for the possibility of being the top pick and playing in Boston. Now, I would try to persuade Gordon to sign as a free agent - you don't have to trade for him.

This would be a sport-changing deal, and set up the Sixers to become a power.

But on Wednesday a former Celtics star, who had a big role in the team acquiring the pick, thinks they should trade it. They have the cap space to go out and pay him what's going to be market value.

Coming off their historic 16 championship, The Celtics had the #2 pick in that year's draft.

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"I have to be in attack mode, just put the pressure on the defense, see what happens". Send George to Boston for the #1 overall pick this year, the Nets #1 pick next year (yes, they own that pick too), Jaylen Brown (last year's #3 overall pick), Jae Crowder, and Amir Johnson.

If the Celtics don't want to draft, can they go out and trade it?

"[Playing on or off the ball] really doesn't matter to me".

Thomas revealed that Fultz has already reached out to him to ask about the Celtics organisation, with I.T. saying he is more than comfortable at the idea of sharing the backcourt with the 18 year-old. Two players come to mind in that range, PF Jonathan Isaac from Florida State and SG Malik Monk from Kentucky. And having the No. 1 pick this year, and potentially the No. 1 overall pick again next year with Brooklyn's pick again, he doesn't have to take that kind of a risk. "It's an uphill battle and we just got to be better to start the game". "So a lot of guys can't do both, but I'm fine with doing both".

"We want to be smart and intelligent about it, but, look, we want to win", Harris said. "And if that means being on the court doing what I have to do, that's what I'm gonna do". But it's still a problem, and they've got five weeks to find a solution.

Isaiah Thomas Talks To Markelle Fultz About Playing Together With Celtics