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Google's New Initiative is to Optimize Android for Low-End Devices

20 Mai 2017

We tested Google Assistant on iPhone at Google IO 2017, and walked away as impressed as we were with it on Google Pixel - except for one major flaw.

Unveiled during the opening keynote at Google's I/O developer conference running from May 17-19 in Mountain View, Calif., Android Go is a stripped-down version of the OS designed for low-end mobile phones with limited data, connectivity and memory. Here are some of the most useful features that Google Home will get. Using this AutoVoice extension we can now use the Google Assistant on PCs.

On its new Android, Google has finally changed the way Android devices show notifications. Ask anyone, however, and they'll tell you that the most exciting new features Google showed off on stage on Wednesday pertained to Google Assistant.

VPS can be combined with an audio (Assistant) to provide directions around nearby objects and obstacles - useful for the vision impaired.

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Immediately, asking Siri to open Google Assistant felt as awkward as asking an ex for a their archrival's phone number. One thing Google didn't mention on stage but did post on its support page is the ability to easily restrict applications from being installed on devices that didn't meet SafetyNet's standards. If it has been resting on your desk, you may be talking to your Google Home instead. But it will still bring added feature to the users like the Preview option in YouTube which now is restricted to YouTube Red users in the US.

When will Google Home calling be ready? Everyone that has compatible devices with Android O public beta can try it out to see its new features ahead of its official release later this summer. If they can do so much in such a short amount of time, and begin to threaten the current dominance of Amazon Echo devices - which we are confident they eventually will - then that is a huge validation of what Google can achieve in the next few years.

More significant is how contextual battery stats have become in Android O. When you enter the battery settings menu, it now displays the amount of drain as a percent and the amount of time each app was in the foreground. It is Google's product and its own estimation of its target audience.

Google Lens, which will be available in the upcoming Android O and in Google's new VR headset uses image recognition to give you information at whatever you may be looking at. If you happened to miss any of the stories from Google I/O's second day, you can find them all in the links down below.