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Body dumped along Texas road after hearse stolen

20 Mai 2017

Around 5:30 Friday morning police responded to the McDonald's on Highway 21 in Bryan for a report of a stolen vehicle.

Adam Crow and Tanya Albrecht were charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and Albrecht was charged with abuse of a corpse.

Two people were taken into custody Friday afternoon in connection with a hearse that was stolen from a convenience store parking lot.

Police found the body, draped in a sheet, still attached to the gurney about 10 miles from where the hearse was reported to be stolen.

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When the body was recovered it was sent over to Daniel and Son Funeral Home. They could face serious charges. The body, which had been missing for roughly 90 minutes, was returned to College Station-based Stackhouse Mortuary Services.

The body was found around 7 a.m. when a passing truck driver spotted it, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Drew told The Eagle he did not know if the deceased person's family had been notified of the theft. A body was in the back, en route to a local funeral home.

The vehicle was located before noon.

Body dumped along Texas road after hearse stolen