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Trump's first foreign trip has high stakes at each stop

19 Mai 2017

Saudi Arabia confirmed on Thursday that it will sign commercial and political deals with the U.S. during President Donald Trump's visit to Riyadh next week.

President Trump has a meeting with leaders of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which the president has criticized. Various US experts, such as Anthony Cordesman, are falling over backward trying to rationalize these destabilizing arms sales that pose a new level of threat to Iran's national security and even implicate Russia's national security since an "Arab NATO" would inevitably integrate the Persian Gulf-based defense system with the NATO system in Europe and elsewhere. Mueller's steadying role would allow the nation to resume a measure of normal business while the investigation runs its course. "Trump has been very clear about the need to push back against Iran". "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" he tweeted Thursday morning.

"One question everyone outside the United States has, and are not likely to ask the President, is what is his actual political strength relative to the divisions with Congress, the problems within his own party?" said Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. His invocation to the graduates was: "Fight, fight, fight".

Keith, however, has downplayed his ties to Trump and has spoken favourably in the past about Obama. So far no action has been taken against them.

This is the president's first worldwide trip, but Ivanka Trump made a brief trip to Germany in April to appear on a panel at a conference dedicated to helping women in business.

The White House touts a "historic" trip during which Trump - in visits to Saudi Arabia, the Vatican and Jerusalem - will reach out to leaders of the world's major monotheistic faiths.

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The White House, disorganized on so many topics, has carefully prepared the agenda for this trip.

Trump is bucking tradition by journeying away from North America for his first foreign trek - the past five presidents all visited US neighbors Canada or Mexico as their first venture overseas.

And yes, this message will come from the same person who proposed a "Muslim ban" during the campaign and has said things in the past that have been widely perceived as being opposed to the Islamic religion.

Tillerson said other governments were especially looking for greater USA leadership in the war on terrorism. This is a battle about good and evil. Many White House aides have been hoping the trip will provide an opportunity for the young administration to refocus. Saudi Arabia won the first stop, the official said, after promising large USA investments - including purchases of hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of military equipment in the next decade and $40 billion from its sovereign wealth fund. He will also have lunch with leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries in Riyadh.

The desert kingdom has created a government agency to support private firms organising entertainment events, under a wideranging "Vision 2030" plan for economic and social reform.

Domestic scandals can have the odd effect of encouraging diplomacy overseas. USA officials had warned that acting now could end the President's hopes of reigniting the Middle East peace process. But even so, that story didn't end happily for Nixon or America.