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Siri vs Google Assistant on the iPhone

19 Mai 2017

While many new changes are being brought it over the Nougat version, the one that seemed to make heads turn is the proposed picture in picture feature the new OS will allow.

The talkative Google Home smart benchtop speaker is vying for a place in Australian homes.

Remember, new devices are not replacing old devices - they are only adding to the big basket of channels you must support.

Google Home is getting the power to give you notifications.

More features are coming to Android O, but Google will reveal them progressively as its launch approaches later this summer. And users are spending more - there's been a 30 percent uptick in buyers, Google said, and a tenfold increase in the number of monthly subscriptions. Apple's Siri is making progress in this department but there's work to be done; ask Siri the second question and she replies "Okay, I found this on the web for "How tall is Canada". For those that are fond of the digital assistant that Google has baked into the Pixel and Pixel XL, if you ever need to send money to a friend things are about to get a whole lot easier. "Make me laugh" could bring up fail videos on YouTube. For instance, point the phone at a flower and Assistant will call upon Lens to identify the type of flower. This adds 5 more markets to the 10 where Google already had its payments service up and running.

Google yesterday also released the preview 2 public beta version of Android O for developers.

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Macquarie reiterated a "buy" rating and set a $45.00 target price on shares of Comcast in a report on Thursday, April 27th. Advantage Investment Management LLC acquired a new stake in Comcast during the fourth quarter valued at $103,000.

Google Assistant, the center of its AI efforts, is in a fierce battle with rivals such as Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Apple's Siri to be the top choice for use in smartphones as well as connected homes, cars and a range of other devices.

Google doesn't specify what's included with this update. You'll likely be able to order a pizza with your voice, rather than opening a separate app on your phone, and it's possible that local supermarkets could also get in on the act. Google Assistant on the iPhone can't integrate deeply enough into Apple's iOS operating system to pull off those actions.

Over the next few months, Google Home users will be able to ask Assistant to connect them to mobile phones and landlines in the US and Canada for free, Huffman and Chandra wrote.

You can't launch it with your iPhone's home button or with your voice.

If you're still on the fence about whether Google Home will be a great buy for a home like yours that has many smart appliances, the announcement from Google I/O today should finally convince you.

With Android Go, Google aims to draw the next "billion users". Although Google did not reveal the possibility of accessing the data, brands will have the capability to write into the platform the option to run reports on use. While it's clear that the initiative has not been successful as Google hoped it would be, it appears that the company will remain trying to get that next billion. What would you use it for?