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Rod Beard's National Basketball Association mock draft 1.0

19 Mai 2017

Yes. Credit Pierce, who has not played for the Celtics since the 2012-13 season, for the team's continued success. The team had just announced a move to Brooklyn, and were playing under a new city and color way.

The first 10 picks could feature as many as five point guards being selected, dropping some of the premier big men to the next 10 and letting teams with serious needs in the frontcourt get their pick of some of the best frontcourt players. The team could try to make either him or Ball an off-ball shooter rather than make a trade.

So what did they give up this time? This one? Damian Lillard. First of all, you have to match the money in the trade, so you've got to add significant additional players on our side to go just to sort of match the money, so it's three or four guys going and one guy coming back.

Not to mention, while I don't think it's unrealistic at all to say that Hayward could play well alongside either George or Butler, if the Celtics are going to drop that much cash, it wouldn't make as much sense to do so on two players that fill a very similar need, especially when they have a glaring hole at the power forward spot. Fultz will likely go to the Boston Celtics with the first overall pick, followed by Ball to the Los Angeles Lakers at No.2. In fact, the jackpot trade with Sacramento included the Sixers sending a second-round pick to the Kings.

But we'll get to that.

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But after flailing during the season, they wanted another shakeup. Bradley was the one most responsible for that dominance on the boards, as he had an adjusted offensive rebounding percentage of 19 - by far the best of anyone in this draft class. Financially, trying to pay for the likes of Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, George/Butler and Hayward would absolutely cripple the Celtics, causing them to either get rid of a lot of their strong depth or pay deep into the luxury tax. Ray Allen had taken his talents to South Beach, and the Celtics title window had closed. So Danny Ainge took what everything he could get for the group. The former lottery pick has come up in trade circles in recent seasons. Depending on how Boston fares against the Cleveland Cavaliers, that performance could weigh heavily on Gordon's mind as he looks to join a team that puts him in the best situation to win a championship.

I think it's now official. The Nets-Celtics trade of 2013 was the worst trade in basketball history.

The draft is June 22 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. They had about a 53 percent chance of falling out of the top three, which would have triggered a trade of the pick as remaining payment of their acquisition of Steve Nash in 2012.

Btw, the Celtics have the Nets' first-rounder next year too. And even though they seem to now be trending in the right direction, they still aren't yet close to seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Rod Beard's National Basketball Association mock draft 1.0