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Ken Barlow's attacker will finally be revealed

19 Mai 2017

Bill Roache's character was left in a serious condition after being pushed down the stairs in his own home back in March, and a 'Whodunnit?' storyline has been unfolding ever since.

In the weeks since the storyline began, there have been a number of red herrings and for a while, Tracey Barlow was the prime suspect, until it was revealed that she was with escaped convict Rob Donovan on the night Ken was pushed.

But as he looks increasingly desperate for someone to go down, he ends up packing a bag and preparing to go, unaware that Ken is starting to recover some of his blurred memories.

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Convinced Ken's prodigal son Daniel Osbourne is the guilty party, angry Adam Barlow abducts his nephew in Monday's action-packed episode, bundling him into the boot of his motor and driving out to a deserted auto park where he demands he admit he pushed his grandfather and left him for dead. With all these clues playing on Ken's mind, he starts to talk to Roy and discusses exactly what he remembers.

Ken confronts Adam, who catches him just in time before he leaves town. As he makes to leave, Ken's horrified to recognise a pair of trainers. But will his answer confirm him as the culprit? A shaken Ken then tells Peter he knows who tried to kill him and calls the police - so who did it?

Ken Barlow's attacker will finally be revealed