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In battle of digital assistants, Google heads to Apple turf

19 Mai 2017

GE Appliances announced a deal with Google enabling the United States tech giant's voice control home hub to be used for cooking, cleaning and other functions. Amazon may have stolen the spotlight by announcing that Alexa would soon be found in virtually any device you can think of, but Google will not be left behind that easily.

The announcement comes almost a year after GE Appliances unveiled a similar tie-up with Amazon's Alexa-powered speakers. Google Play Protect is available out-of-the-box on every Android device with Google Play. The beta, a step in the months-long rollout of the latest version of Android, shows off the key features that Google has baked into the operating system for developers and consumers.

Autofill with Google: One of the reasons that people tend to shop with their smartphones but make purchases on laptops is that filling out forms on smartphones can be a pain.

Even though Google has already released the preview version of Android O, the next version of Android, we were expecting some more information at I/O conference.

"We'll be bringing Cloud TPUs to the Google Compute Engine so that companies and developers can take advantage of it", he says.

More significant is how contextual battery stats have become in Android O. When you enter the battery settings menu, it now displays the amount of drain as a percent and the amount of time each app was in the foreground. Besides, this release of Android will highlight a modified plan of Google applications that are meant to consume lesser data, power, and energy for avoiding any kind of performance issues. But for most Apple fans, having access to Google Assistant isn't really that appealing to begin with. Even if the user isn't near his phone or has lost it, Find My Device will help locate the device, lock the phone and erase all the data.

Trump says appointment of special counsel 'hurts our country terribly'
Meanwhile, they are happy to parrot Trump's talking points that the self-inflicted scandals somehow represent a media conspiracy. Last week, Senator Grassley had downplayed concerns about Comey's firing, telling those anxious to "suck it up".

Google had stated a few days back about the possibility of Google Assistant being available on the iPhone.

MTV Cribs - Google Home edition: The Google Home got majorly tricked out. For instance, you can ask the digital assistant within Home to turn on the dishwasher or set the temperature on the oven.

"GPS gets you to the door, and then VPS can get you the exact item you're looking for", said Clay Bavor, Google's virtual reality team leader.

The second tab we mentioned (under more options), Your Stuff, is where you can go to see all your Assistant-related stuff in one place, such as your reminders, agenda, and shopping list. The issue is that Android Go has multiple parts, like that specially modified suite of Google apps.

Among other things, Google unveiled new ways for its massive network of computers to identify images, as well as recommend, share, and organize photos. Note: If you tap No Thanks, Google Assistant will not work as it is supposed to, as it depends on that data to provide contextual information to you.