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How Much Damages Made By Wannacry Ransomware Attack Made Throughout The World

19 Mai 2017

Sumon Ahmed Sabir, Chief Technology Officer of Fiber-at-Home, said that some personal computers too have been infected by ransomware.

The WannaCry attack "bore some striking similarities to the code used in those three attacks". The ease of stopping the attack suggests the hackers were new to this game.

If there's anything, Microsoft should indeed be appreciated for their response on the entire issue.

In an analysis posted today, Finnish cybersecurity firm F-Secure explains that China and Russian Federation are two of the countries most severely hit by WannaCry, and there's a reason why this happened: the big number of computers running pirated Windows.

The four computers were switched on as usual and they were unable to open any document files as the virus displayed messages demanding a payment of $300 in virtual currency Bitcoin to unlock files and return them to the user.

There was no evidence on Monday of a second wave of attacks like the one that hit Friday, the BBC reports.

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Smith repeated a call he made in February, calling for an global convention on the use of cyberwarfare akin to the Geneva Conventions' protections for noncombatants and other guidelines in conventional warfare. With the Shadow Brokers' theft of the NSA's cyberweapons. WannaCrypt was part of a stockpile of exploits stolen from the NSA earlier this year. "(The unit has since been renamed.)", according to the Times.

Microsoft in a blog post said that, "we at Microsoft have the first responsibility to address these issues".

The attack was a reminder that people and businesses should keep their software up to date, or else remain vulnerable, Smith said.

This is an emerging pattern in 2017. "An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the United States military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen".

Microsoft, the company who's network were the prime focus of the attacks, said on Tuesday that it was aware of the group's most recent claim and that the companies security team was monitoring threats to "help us prioritise and take appropriate action". We need governments to consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities and the use of these exploits. Security experts have disputed claims that the virus was spread through suspicious emails, speculating that computers were vulnerable to the bug regardless of how vigilant users were. This means that most government departments and businesses in the Middle East were closed, possibly averting mass disruption in a region where the use of Windows XP and 2003 operating systems is prevalent.

According to the company, "Customers who are running supported versions of the operating system (Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016) will have received the security update MS17-010 in March".