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House, Senate voice strong support for mining bill

19 Mai 2017

Meanwhile, Tom Whitaker of the Kansas Motor Carriers Association testified on behalf of towing companies, arguing that a tax on that service would cost consumers more than they would save from the reduced food sales tax.

The nonprofit Death with Dignity Political Fund says two dozen states are considering similar bills this year. After the bill squeaked through, Ryan and other senior Republicans dashed to the White House for an unusual celebration of a one-chamber vote. The report, quoting Rep. Greg Walden, Republican of OR and the chair of the House Energy and Commerce committee, said parts of the bill might have to be redone depending on how the Congressional Budget Office estimates its effects.

"That really gets waylaid by the day-to-day issue of the hour", Rounds said.

West Virginia's Republican-controlled Senate on Tuesday passed another tax bill backed by Democratic Gov. Jim Justice that would cut all state income tax rates while raising the sales tax.

The bill was approved by the Senate and reported favorably by the House Land and Resource Management Committee last week.

In the latest chapter of the legislative budget impasse, the West Virginia House Finance Committee on Thursday advanced a new revenue plan that does not increase the state sales tax, does not lower income tax rates - and does not raise enough money to close the 2017-18 budget deficit without additional spending cuts. "I'm anxious and hopeful they will send to the Senate a tax reform plan so we can begin conference reports and meetings and get this worked out". Or we could just say we now have two different plans on the table - maybe we take the weekend or a few days, and now let's discuss those and where there might be common ground between the two plans.

Instead of voting upon the amended version of the bill, lawmakers chose to send it back to the Senate's budget committee to try and reach a comprise.

The bill also eliminates several exemptions and "broadens the base" of the sales tax.

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By afternoon the pace slowed considerably.

Storch said the House couldn't give such a break to the energy producers.

The bottom line: Senate Finance Committee members should revisit the bill and the proposed sales tax expansions and ensure that the measure helps create a state tax system that works for all North Carolinians - not one that further favors those at the top.

That vote could be cloaked in some kind of arcane procedural move, but it would still be depicted as a proxy for yet another vote on the same bill - and reluctant Republicans will once again be forced to decide whether to back it.

At the end of the hearing, though, Rep. Kristey Williams, R-Augusta, who sponsored the House amendment, said she and other Republicans had met with Department of Revenue officials since Monday to work on changes to the bill.

To get this moving, Denning attempted to resurrect his proposal to tack a surcharge onto Kansas utility bills to generate the money needed to fund a school finance plan. It would also require $100 a month on a commercial user's three utility bills. Before the amendments were added, the CBO projected the legislation would slice about $150 billion over 10 years. "What we have got that may not be flawless but what it does is, it balances the budget".

"There may be some people who have some concerns or heartburn over some things that are there or not there, but overall I think we'll have some good bipartisan support for the bill".

House, Senate voice strong support for mining bill