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Here's what we know about 'Destiny 2'

19 Mai 2017

The one hour long gameplay premiere of Destiny 2 has just come to a close, where there certainly was a lot on display.

Destiny 2 will serve as Bungie and Activision's follow up to the first Destiny, which was exclusive to Playstation and Xbox consoles.

The game will be released first for PS4 and Xbox One on September 8th, 2017.

Where the first Destiny had Dinklebot (Peter Dinklage) lazily taking center-stage, Destiny 2 is putting the focus on the leaders of the Guardians in Destiny 2. The move will again make it easier for those who can't find a full group of six friends to still play with people they know, while also being easier to understand for new players, according to Bungie's Luke Smith, the game director for Destiny 2.

We are updating this story as more information comes out.

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Guided Games - A new feature that brings solo players and clan communities together to play Destiny 2's most challenging activities including Raids, Trials and Nightfall Strikes. From what was shown today, it appears that Destiny 2 will have something for everyone.

Since the launch of in 1996, Blizzard has only ever used its platform to facilitate its own games, from Diablo to World of Warcraft, to Overwatch. The Crucible is making a return, and they've made it where it's 4-vs-4 across all of the Crucible game modes.

Let's start fresh with Destiny 2. It is your job, your guardians job, to take back that light and learn how to build yourself back up after everything you had was lost. It's an encouraging list, confirming numerous features PC players expect from a major release. Everyone will also have three weapon slots: Kinetic, Energy, and Power. "They lose their powers, they lose their homes and maybe saddest of all, . they lose their vaults".

It's clear, not only from the language used during the event but the in-game sequence of events where you get kicked out of the Tower, that Bungie wants this to be a reboot of the mechanics but not the world itself. Check it out in the player below, and view new images in the gallery! Since its reveal, Bungie has offered a first look at the interesting campaign along with the multiplayer game including the special editions and much more.