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Google is done with bad emoji blobs, new emojis in line

19 Mai 2017

It is noteworthy here that Android O is ready to bring wide range of features besides redesigning emoji set.

The new emojis are now available on the beta version of Android O and will be available officially on the OS later this year.

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The emojis have got a new look and will be compatible with other platforms which will have more tonal colors and modern look. The blobs, as they came to be called, are seen on all Google platforms, including Gmail, Google+ and during Google Hangouts. The fresh batch of emojis is cleaner and more contextual than the blobs. But, Emojipedia says that some emojis will not be redesigned and will retain its old design and others will be revamped completely.

Google has already launched new emojis in Android 7.1 Nougat, but this emojis just provided the diversity like female characters with different skin tones and there was no change in those weird blob emojis. Plus, these ones will be more user friendly. Now that they have been updated in Android O, do you miss them or are the new emoji better? There were some issues regarding what expression the emoji will have, the color of emoji and much more.