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Former N.O. Federal Bureau of Investigation chief calls new special counsel a good choice

19 Mai 2017

Goodlatte, R-Va., offered a statement Wednesday night about the decision by Deputy U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein to name former FBI Director Robert Mueller as the counsel.

Dick Durbin, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, said Rosenstein told lawmakers that he learned of Trump's decision to fire Comey "and then he wrote his memo with his rationale" for the firing.

"There's only so much firing you can do", Krauthammer said.

Trump undercut that timeline in an interview last week, but in a news conference on Thursday, he said he relied on Rosenstein's recommendation to make his decision.

An anonymous source told the Post that Rosenstein was upset at the White House for initially saying his memo was the reason Comey was sacked, and threatened to resign if that narrative was not changed. Several congressional Republicans said Wednesday that if Trump did suggest that Comey "let this go" regarding Flynn's Russian contacts, it was probably just a joke, light banter.

Rosenstein's highly-anticipated appearance came after a week of major developments that flowed from the Comey firing. During the campaign, he and aides encouraged his crowds in chants of "Lock her up!", demanding the conviction and jailing of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the investigation into her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

At his March confirmation hearing for the job of deputy attorney general, Rosenstein refused to commit to the appointment of a special counsel to oversee an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, saying he was aware of no requirement to recuse himself and had no first-hand knowledge of the probe anyway.

The appointment won Rosenstein wide praise from Republicans and Democrats.

"He did stress that he was concerned that whatever he said would be made public to the press", Cassidy told reporters with a chuckle, "so therefore he felt limited in what he could say".

Unlike his unusually candid predecessor Comey, Mueller is a notoriously tight-lipped investigator. That telling cast Rosenstein as the prime person behind the decision to fire Comey, even though Trump later stated that he already had chose to termination the director before asking Rosenstein for the memo.

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"It is hard to see a friend of yours being in the middle of that", said Jan Paul Miller, a St. Louis attorney who worked with Rosenstein when both were assistant USA attorneys in Maryland.

"The general consensus is it was a good decision to pick a special counsel", said South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, saying most lawmakers have "a lot of confidence in Mr. Mueller", who ran the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 12 years.

But why Rosenstein's briefing needed to happen in a room designed for classified briefings is still unclear. "A criminal investigation might", said Sen.

"I think so", said Harris, a former prosecutor.

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Penn., was one of many Democrats who left the meeting disappointed.

Senators said that Rosenstein made clear that he has ceded all authority over the investigation over to Mueller. Marco Rubio of Florida said, echoing what's become a common refrain in Washington these days.

"We have two very different missions".

Trump has never been one to shy away from prejudging the outcome of investigations. "I said, 'There's no place I'd rather be'". And I think it's a very, very negative thing. "Because he is a man of great integrity and experience", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

The Senate investigation seems to have hit a roadblock, however. Sen.

The next major event was the news that Trump had asked Comey during a meeting in the Oval Office to drop the investigation of Michael T. Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser.