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Deputy AG knew Comey would be fired before he wrote memo

19 Mai 2017

Justice Department announcement of a special counsel to investigate alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US election for president, including questions about ties between Russia and President Trump and Trump associates, speaks to the strength of checks and balances within the federal government. Durbin said Trump's actions - including the decision to fire Comey and his "incessant" provocative posts on Twitter - have done more harm than any enemy, real or perceived, could.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver told reporters he might be the only Democrat who feels better after the briefing and felt "higher level of comfort" after hearing that Rosenstein is giving Mueller wide latitude "including latitude to investigate him" on how he handled Comey's firing.

According to The New York Times, Trump's personal advisers are urging him to seek outside counsel in the investigations regarding whether the Trump campaign had ties to Russian Federation.

"I now have significantly greater confidence that the investigation will follow the facts wherever they lead", said Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. "It appears to me now to be considered a criminal investigation", Mr Graham told reporters after Mr Rosenstein briefed all 100 senators on the investigation. Asked if the appointment of a special counsel would delay the investigation, committee Chair Sen.

Pressed on whether he asked Comey to quash an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn's foreign contacts, Trump grew testy.

Mr Trump has made similar complaints before, but this one came the day after the justice department appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller to lead the federal Trump-Russia investigation.

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Following the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to lead the investigation into possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, few people have the perspective on the process about to unfold like Peter Zeidenberg.

"I would be very discouraged if somehow this new special prosecutor would preclude Jim Comey from testifying in public before our committee", he said. "I think that opportunity has been lost, maybe for the greater good".

Rosenstein was "very guarded" and would not discuss the circumstances of Comey's firing, according to one House Republican member in the briefing.

Congressional leaders have emphasized that House and Senate investigations will continue irregardless of other investigations. Sen.

"On May 8 he learned that the president was going to terminate Comey", Durbin added. "I respect the move [to appoint a special counsel] but the entire thing has been a witch-hunt". "And so I would be certain we had independent investigators to conduct those investigations".

Trump tweeted Thursday that the special prosecutor appointment was a "witch hunt" that would divide and hurt the country.