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Trump approval rating hits new low in poll

17 Mai 2017

Trump had the lowest approval rating of any president at the 100-day mark in the modern polling era and it has shown little sign of improvement. Its margin of error is 2 percent.

And yet Mr Trump remains the favourite to win the USA presidential election outright with all the bookmakers, according to bookies comparison site Odds Checker, with odds varying from 2/1 up to 11/4.

Trump's approval rating overall remains high with Republicans, however, despite the dampened enthusiasm.

Trump's approval rating - 42 percent, down 4 points from last week. Seventy-nine percent of Democrats disapprove of the job Trump is doing. According to the report, Comey drafted the memo because he wanted to create a paper trail to document what he believed were inappropriate attempts by Trump to influence or end the investigation. The president's current approval rating, as of a Gallup Poll on May 15, stands at just 38 percent.

As first reported by the New York Times, Trump allegedly asked Comey during a meeting in February to drop an investigation into Russian links to Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. The three pollsters who have released numbers on Trump's handling of the economy this month all find the public significantly less happy with his performance than they were when he first took office. The WSJ/NBC poll found that while nine out of 10 respondents had seen coverage of the firing, opinions of Trump had remained stable.

Of the 698 respondents in the automated telephone survey, 51 percent opposed Trump's decision to terminate Comey. Around a quarter, 26 percent, are undecided, down from 32 percent in the previous poll.

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The Comey firing has led liberal-leaning groups to become even more vocal in their advocacy for an independent inquiry into alleged efforts by Russian Federation to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

In the days immediately following the firing, 35 percent of registered voters said Trump was right to remove Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director and 33 percent said he should have let him stay on.

But while Democrats, and Trump's opponents in general, might be clamoring for an impeachment, it isn't as simple as Democrats deciding they don't like President Trump.

The American Health Care Act is also extraordinarily unpopular with voters. In the new poll, 38 percent of voters approve of the new bill, unchanged from a week before.

Independent voters are also grading Trump harshly on many policies important to Pennsylvanians.

"Certainly our poll does show a larger disapproval for Trump among independents", wrote F&M pollster and Pennsylvania political expert G. Terry Madonna in an email to City Paper.

Trump approval rating hits new low in poll