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Syrian government denies U.S. accusation of crematorium at prison

17 Mai 2017

Washington's information came from credible humanitarian agencies and from the U.S. "intelligence community" and that as many as 50 people per day are thought to be hanged at Saydnaya.

The Foreign Ministry in Damascus described the U.S. State Department accusations as "a new Hollywood plot" and "lies" that are being used to justify U.S. "aggression and intervention".

The revelations echoed a February report by Amnesty International that said Syria's military police hanged as many as 13,000 people in four years before carting out bodies by the truckload for burial in mass graves.

Jones added that "these atrocities have been carried out seemingly with the unconditional support from Russian Federation and Iran", later clarifying that he wasn't saying either country has participated in the activities at the crematorium. As President Donald Trump prepares to visit the region next week, both Israel and U.S. Arab allies in the Persian Gulf have stepped up pressure on the administration to confront the Syrian president and his sponsors in Iran.

Syrian rebels and government officials are meeting separately with the United Nations envoy as peace talks on the war-torn Mideast country got underway in Geneva. And when we finish with the tail of the serpent, we will reach the head of the serpent which can be found in Tehran, and we will deal with it, too.

"This is but a drop in the ocean".

In interviews with the Washington Post, former detainees described conditions so atrocious that many prisoners died from torture, medical neglect or starvation.

"The time has come for the world - chiefly the USA - to act to halt these human rights violations".

The department released commercial satellite photographs showing what it said is a building in the prison complex that has been modified to support the crematorium.

Trois complices de Reda Kriket remis à la France — Attentat déjoué
Dans l'appartement du Val-d'Oise occupé par Reda Kriket, un véritable arsenal de guerre accumulé pour un projet terroriste. Abderrahmane Ameroud, 39 ans, Rabah Meniker et Yasin Alani, 35 ans, ont été remis le 4 mai aux autorités françaises.

The evidence on the crematorium was assembled through local non-governmental organization groups, intelligence community assessments and press reporting, he said.

The U.S. believes the crematorium is part of an effort to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in Saydnaya Prison, where as many as 70 prisoners are being held in cells created to hold just five.

Syrian President Bashar Assad need to be killed in the light of the reports that Assad regime carried out mass executions and burned the bodies of the victims, Local media quoted Housing Minister Yoav Galant as saying.

Most political prisoners said they had been held in the Red Building, a facility the regime largely emptied of mostly Islamist and jihadist prisoners in the early months of the anti-Assad uprising that began in early 2011.

The evidence presented by the United States remains circumstantial. Given these abuses, "Russia must now with greater urgency exercise its influence", Jones said.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Tillerson "was firm and clear with Minister Lavrov that Russian Federation holds tremendous influence with Bashar al-Assad" and must act to rein him in. "Why don't we try to learn from our mistakes, focus on process, defeating terrorism".

But relations with Moscow, already dire under Trump's predecessor Barack Obama, have not improved and Assad has continued to bombard civilian areas in his battle with opposition rebels.

Jones accused Assad's government of sinking "to a new level of depravity".

White House spokesman Sean Spicer, who claimed that Hitler's death squads hadn't used chemical agents during the Holocaust "in the way that Assad used them" sparked outrage in the USA and beyond.

Syrian government denies U.S. accusation of crematorium at prison