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Storylines For The 2017 NBA Draft Lottery

17 Mai 2017

The Boston Celtics won the NBA Draft Lottery and have the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft.

Because of the Steve Nash sign-and-trade with the Phoenix Suns and the Dwight Howard multi-team trade with the Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers in 2012, the Lakers could be without a first-round pick in two of the next three drafts if the ping pong balls don't bounce their way Tuesday night. They've got a young squad though and it's pretty likely they would trade the pick to get their hands on a veteran player to help make the franchise relevant again. The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers have been known to be stocking up picks in the past few years. As of now, the Kings have the 8th best lottery odds, and a 9.9 percent chance to land a top 3 pick. If the pick doesn't convey this year, it becomes unprotected in 2018.

Heat fans will know relatively early as to what pick the team has.

Bales also describes how Kennard made a decision to leave Duke and hire an agent after Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski said Kennard would be a first-round draft pick. The Sixers could still end up with two picks in the top 10, so long as the Lakers' pick falls outside of the top three.

After finishing with the fourth-worst record in the league, the 76ers have an 11.9% chance at the No. 1 pick and a 37.8% chance of finishing in the top three, according to ESPN. That all depends on what happens in the Lakers' 2019 season.

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- The Celtics acquired the Nets' first-round pick as part of a 2013 trade. This draft's real importance lies in the flexibility it could give the Lakers. Whoever is in charge of this team will have multiple avenues to improve thanks to the added benefit of this pick.

Instead of worrying about the "Ides if March", the Lakers have to deal with the "Ides of May".

If the balls do not bounce the Magic's way, then they will have to do heavy scouting to ensure they get a capable player in the second round with the Lakers picks.

The Magic will acquire an important asset to their rebuild tonight in the result of that Lakers pick.

Our draft coverage encompasses our final pre-lottery mock draft, what winning the lottery will do for the Timberwolves, Five reasons Minnesota wouldn't want the first pick, and the Timberwolves history of the lottery.