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Ransomware WannaCry attack: Banks cautious, shut down ATMs operating on old software

17 Mai 2017

The malicious software can make its way to a computer by tricking users to click or download a malicious file.

What is WannaCry Ransomware?

India is a major potential target for planned and targeted cyber attacks including ransomware as it is the IT and outsourcing capital of the world with most global organisations having their back offices and call centres operating out of the country.

The attack is unique, according to Wainwright, because it combines ransomware with a worm function, meaning once one machine is infected, the entire internal network is scanned and other vulnerable machines are infected.

Microsoft should know that there are people, small businesses, schools and hospitals that still use older version of Windows, such as XP (which came out in 2001). The first thing to do to protect yourself against this vicious type of ransomware is to install the security patches Microsoft issued to handle the vulnerability.

Smith said this particular ransomware took advantage of older operating systems, including Windows XP. What's this about the NSA? Microsoft released a patch for the flaw in March after hackers stole the exploit from the NSA. They allege that last week's WannaCry attack exploited a flaw that the U.S. government knew about and chose not to disclose, an identical situation to the Heartbleed virus that the National Security Administration knew about for around two years before researchers discovered it and announced it to the public. Apparently, the computers which were affected by the ransom-ware were not protected by security patches for a number of Windows versions installed, or at the time, running Windows XP, which is antiquated to the point Microsoft no longer provides support for it. It could have been used to wipe out the data on computers it infected. The hackers here weren't playing some political interference game: They were after money, in bitcoin. If you don't have a recent backup, your options are limited.

The newspaper said that the role of the United States security apparatus in the attack should "instill greater urgency" in China's mission to replace foreign technology with its own.

White House refuses to say whether Trump taped Comey talks
Responding to a question, Trump said he met the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the request of President Vladimir Putin. Adam Schiff, has already seized on the tweet and asked that Trump give Congress any recordings of conversations with Comey.

A file image of people queuing in the line outside ATM.

According to the hackers, data that will be leaked monthly through the new subscription service could include exploits for web browsers, routers, mobile devices, and Windows 10, as well as data extracted by the Equation during its cyberespionage operations. "The options have good antivirus software and good malware software". This allowed whoever wrote WannaCry - it could be anyone from a lone individual to an organised crime syndicate - to use it to infect computers and extort users.

The use of that domain is being called a "kill switch" in the malware. When his website started getting hits from the malicious software, MalwareTech told ABC News he anxious he'd triggered the program to do something very bad. So, is the threat over? The virus has so far infected almost 200,000 computers world-wide.

It is far from over as newer versions of the WannaCry ransomware is spreading.

Once the computer's data has been encrypted, or locked down, a message would appear saying that the users' files are no longer accessible.

Just last week, President Donald Trump ordered federal agencies and local governments to examine exactly how a massive cyber-attack on energy infrastructure would affect Americans and how government would go about addressing a massive shutdown.