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Medical marijuana patients report benefits

17 Mai 2017

Most Minnesotans who took part in the launch year of the state's medical marijuana program reported "substantial benefits" from treatment, including minimal side effects and no serious consequences, the state Health Department said Tuesday.

The study was based on patient surveys and other data.

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Asked to rate the benefits of medical cannabis in their treatment on a scale of 1 (no benefit) to 7 (great deal of benefit), 64 percent of patients gave the therapy a 6 or 7. Nine percent indicated little or no benefit. Most patients also reported clinically meaningful reductions in symptoms for conditions including seizures, Tourette syndrome, Crohn's disease and muscle spasms.

Minnesota has among the strictest programs of almost 30 states with medical marijuana laws. The state bans the plant form and restricts marijuana pills and oils to patients with a handful of severe conditions. Due to high costs and an aggressive rollout schedule, the state's two licensed manufacturers lost a combined $11 million in just two years of sales, according to financial documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Medical marijuana patients report benefits