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McCain Compares Trump Scandals to Watergate

17 Mai 2017

McCain, who received a Freedom Award at the International Republican Institute, was asked what advice he would give Trump to deal with the revelations that are rocking the White House.

Scandals within the Trump administration are reaching the "size and scale" of Watergate, prominent Republican leader John McCain, a staunch critic of U.S. president Donald Trump, has said.

Evidently, Senator John McCain has joined the chorus of those saying that James Comey's memo has escalated President Trump's latest controversy to Nixonian levels of seriousness. "It's the centipede that the shoe continues to drop".

John McCain on Tuesday night said the unfolding events are reaching a "Watergate size and scale", after a report that President Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Last week, Mr Trump abruptly fired Mr Comey, initially citing his handing of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

Trump approval rating hits new low in poll
Of the 698 respondents in the automated telephone survey, 51 percent opposed Trump's decision to terminate Comey. Trump's approval rating overall remains high with Republicans, however, despite the dampened enthusiasm.

Flynn was part of that Russian Federation investigation. Some suggested he had broken his oath of office, opening the way for possible impeachment.

Several other Republican lawmakers also expressed concerns over the developments inside the White House. "We've got to take a deep breath". Many have accused the Republicans of being spineless. Last week, he abruptly fired former FBI Director James Comey, which concerned some because of the agency's investigation into Russian Federation and his campaign.

Asked what Mr Trump should do at this point, Mr McCain, who has long had a hard and complicated relationship with Mr Trump, referred once again to the Nixon presidency and said, "get it all out" before the public, "no matter what it is".

Remember: Just because Democrats call something a scandal, doesn't make it so.

"The same thing that you advised Richard Nixon, which he didn't do ... get it all out". Next thing, you'll have us believing President Donald Trump's committed an impeachable offense - like Rep. Maxine Waters constantly chimes or, most recently, MSNBC's Chris Matthews and CNN's David Gergen.

McCain Compares Trump Scandals to Watergate