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Lorde breaks silence on her two-year disappearance

17 Mai 2017

Lorde is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone's latest issue!

Lorde was happy to educate her: "They call it a yardie where I come from, it's a yard glass full of beer, and you have to drink it".

"Everyone was like, "Get out of here".

"They barrelled me out of the studio, and flicked me across the globe".

Four years on from entering the global spotlight, Lorde's second album, Melodrama, is due to hit ears on June 16.

"It was a hard album to make".

Lorde plays it relatively coy when questioned about the inspiration behind "Green Light", which she has said was based upon a party she attended after just having broken up with longtime boyfriend, Kiwi photographer James Lowe.

"It's a meticulous process with her, and this particular album was an intense journey".

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Lorde said she started out writing about aliens as a way of leaving Pure Heroine behind.

It was Elvis Costello who said "you have 20 years to write your first album and you have just six months to write your second one". "These aliens have just lived in this hermetically sealed environment, and so what does the first step outside feel like?"

Lorde said she was sent back to New Zealand for a month after a "freak out" in studio.

On shooting to fame at 16: "Now I can look back and be like, "That was f*cked". All of it. F***ed. "Insane". Everything kind of normalized week to week".

Lorde has admitted she was anxious she didn't have a second album in her.

Growing up in public: 'That felt like a kid - this feels like a young woman. Once they broke the creative dam with the song "Liability", Lorde says the rest of Melodrama (due out June 16) poured out, most of it centered on things that took place in her native New Zealand involving her circle of friends.

"I feel like, very comfortably 20, soon I am going to be 21 which I feel is a weird milestone, I'm like, do I have to drink the big drink?"

Lorde breaks silence on her two-year disappearance