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Bourne surgery turns patients away as a result of cyber attack

17 Mai 2017

None of the 15 large Canadian enterprises who are members of the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange have reported being successfully attacked by this particular malware, said executive director Robert Gordon.

Ransomware is a form of infected software created to take over a computer system and then block access for the authorized user.

Hackers wanted their payment in the virtual currency Bitcoin, which is harder to trace. The technology behind WannaCry was actually developed by the National Security Agency in the US, then stolen by hackers using the moniker Shadow Crew. Experts are urging all organizations to update their software.

Fortunately, a 22-year-old British researcher and 20-something American security engineer discovered a "kill switch" and unregistered domain that halted the attack, reports the Associated Press.

Qihoo had previously said the attack had infected close to 30,000 organisations by Saturday evening, more than 4,000 of which were educational institutions.

He also warned CISOs the incident is a remind that whenever a vulnerability is reported and an exploit published that could by used by criminals expect and be prepared for an attack cybercriminals, we should always expect and be prepared for this kind of attack, and many more copy-cat attacks following soon after. Privacy experts say that this mess could have been prevented if people paid attention to Microsoft's software updates.

The indiscriminate attack began Friday and struck banks, hospitals and government agencies, exploiting known vulnerabilities in older Microsoft computer operating systems.

President Trump says White House moving rapidly to replace Comey
"I think in many ways our institutions are under assault", Mr Clapper told CNN's Face the Nation on Sunday. Trump began by acknowledging the FBI investigation into Clinton helped him as a presidential candidate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, noting the technology's link to the USA spy service, said it should be "discussed immediately on a serious political level". "They can do so much damage", he says.

Kent Community Health Trust, which runs community hospitals and minor injuries units across the county, was not a victim of the attack, but reportedly shut down its digital servers as a precautionary measure - causing disruption despite not being affected directly.

He highlighted that the government had invested £50 million in supporting NHS IT networks during its last strategic defence and security review, and insisted that individual trusts were well-equipped to ensure they could protect themselves against cyber-attack. Unfortunately, the patch won't help computers that are already infected.

"These alerts included a patch to protect their systems. Which we will", she said.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said today that less than five per cent of NHS systems are still running Windows XP and that other Windows operating systems were also affected.

Two security firms - Kaspersky Lab and Avast - said they had identified the malicious software behind the attack in over 70 countries, although both said the attack had hit Russian Federation the hardest.

GP SERVICES in Thornbury have nearly returned to full capacity after the cyber attack on the NHS. Something more focused with knowledge of NHS systems could have done something much worse.

Bourne surgery turns patients away as a result of cyber attack