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Conservatives win Lancashire County Council elections

15 Mai 2017

In the West Midlands, Conservative candidate and former John Lewis boss Andy Street became the region's mayor, narrowly beating Labour's Sion Simon by 238,628 votes to 234,862. Will that translate to election day?

Phillips said Labour would try to take comfort from the low turnout, expected to be doubled in a general election.

But May's hardened rhetoric appeared have translated into local votes.

"We know we ahve worked really hard, we have done an open and honest campaign It is not for a lack of a credible policies".

Cable said: "Ukip has virtually disintegrated, and that matters politically because, if you are a middle-of-the-road Conservative who voted Remain and you see your own party effectively assimilating Ukip and its values as well as its voters, I think they will have pause now and worry about the future".

Results showed a loss of 144 seats for Labour - only five weeks before the snap general election.

The final results for the local elections are in - and it's not looking good for Labour.

Today's results suggest the Conservatives are on track for a substantial majority on 8 June.

Her party will not seek to form a coalition to try to gain overall control of the council, she added, and will form an administration without holding an overall majority. This could spell very bad news for Labour. The real world, of course, isn't that simple.

Opinium had the Conservatives 16 percentage points ahead of Labour on 46 to 30% of those surveyed but another poll by YouGov for the Sunday Times newspaper put them 19 points clear, a six-point increase over last week.

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Meanwhile independents lost a seat while UKIP made their first gain in our county.

Ukip suffered significant reverses, with voters switching to the Tories in a pattern which could provide a major boost to Mrs May as she hopes to strengthen her grip on power next month. This would include constituencies like Mansfield (which has been held by Labour since 1923), Hartlepool (Peter Mandelson " s old seat), and the late Jo Cox's seat of Batley & Spen. By 70%, more than 50 would be seriously at risk.

Liberal Democrats had a mixed election.

Liberal Democrats described early results as "patchy", with the party losing 41 seats and failing to make progress in their targets of Cardiff,
Somerset and Gloucestershire.

The Conservatives made sweeping advances across the United Kingdom, gaining more than 500 councillors. "We knew it was going to be a hard night". It also lost the English councils of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Northumberland.

"Nonetheless, Labour has been making the case up and down the country that Labour representatives, both locally and nationally, will stand up for the many whilst the Conservative party stands up only for the few".

I've never known an opposition campaign like Labour's in this general election - and I doubt anyone alive has either.

Conservative MP for South Thanet, Craig Mackinlay, told KoS in the run up to Thursday's election that he believed there could be an "absolute wipeout" of his former party, which surprised everyone by winning 17 seats on the council four years ago.

This leaves Ruth Davidson's Conservatives comfortably in second place behind the SNP, and shunts Labour down to third - exactly what Labour supporters in Scotland fear will happen in the general election.

The British people have been held back for too long.