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Mobile Planning Nationwide 5G Network By 2020

14 Mai 2017

So instead of having big "bubbles" of 5G that cover major metropolitan areas like NY or Chicago, T-Mobile claims that its 5G network will offer true nationwide coverage that extends deep into less populated areas.

The wireless market shifted dramatically with the rise of LTE, and in the coming years, another shift is expected to occur with the launch of 5G networks.

The pledge came as AT&T, Straight Path Communications and Verizon Communications are pouring billions of dollars into wireless airwave licences that might support 5G.

T-Mobile says that in the first step, it's going to dedicate part of the new 600 MHz spectrum that it just won to LTE and part of it to the nationwide 5G network. The company plans to use a portion of its recently acquired low-band 600 MHz spectrum to deliver 5G coast to coast.

"Listen, 5G is going to be fantastic", T-Mobile says. However, before sharing details about T-Mobile's strategy, Legere takes some time to point out AT&T and Verizon's recent shortcomings and shares ideas on why their 5G claims are misleading and their plans flawed. Engineers have spent years testing the capabilities of 5G technology while struggling to define what it is.

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Verizon has spectrum holdings in the 700, 850, 1900 megahertz (MHz)/PCS, AWS 1 and 3 spectrum bands. Some of the chunks of spectrum the FCC has assigned to "advanced wireless technologies" are in the 600 MHz range that T-Mobile just bought a lot of, and some are in very high-frequency ranges previously considered unusable. Global telecom industry will take some time to figure out and deploy widely, especially in busy urban locations.

If you have a swathe of completely clear spectrum in 2019, you should probably use the freshest technology on it.

"The carriers are using 5G to either distract from how badly they're losing today or to give their shareholders some hope they can compete with Big Cable", said Legere. Bellevue-based T-Mobile insists that its mobile product will be more relevant than its competitors' versions, which are focused on bringing the high-speed connection to fixed areas, meaning it would work somewhat like home Wi-Fi.

Both Ericsson and Nokia have committed to working with T-Mobile on its 600MHz 5G deployment. "Mobile 5G will require both high-band and low-band coverage". ("We're not a fiber or coax broadband displacement business", he sniffed.) Ray wants T-Mobile to be a big player in mobile 5G. This delivered a higher speed, but it is limited in geography, a glitch that T-Mobile is determined to solve.

Mobile Planning Nationwide 5G Network By 2020