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Hubble spots pair of galaxies passing at high speed

14 Mai 2017

The US space agency NASA has released a lovely image of the unusual galaxy IRAS 06076-2139, found in the constellation Lepus (The Hare). However, it turned out that it consists of two overlapping galaxies.

This particular object stands out from the crowd by actually being composed of two separate galaxies rushing past each other at about 2 million kilometres per hour.

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NASA says the great speed at which the galaxies are traveling makes it unlikely they will merge to form a single galaxy. However, because of their small separation of only about 20,000 light-years, the galaxies will distort one another through the force of gravity while passing each other, changing their structures on a grand scale. Such celestial crossings are regularly observed by Hubble, and the behavior of interacting galaxies can take many forms including galactic cannibalism, galaxy "harassment" and even galaxy collisions. "While galaxies are populated by billions of stars, the distances between individual stars are so large that hardly any stellar collisions will occur", NASA explain. Astronomers add that our milky way galaxy in 4.5 billion years and should merge with Andromeda Galaxy.

Hubble spots pair of galaxies passing at high speed