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Bill O'Reilly: Sean Spicer Is 'Just Weak,' Trump Sends 'Muddled Messages'

14 Mai 2017

This is everywhere, so you may already have seen it. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Huckabee's daughter and the Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary, took on the slavering Democratic Party press corps earlier today.

Spicer and his people reportedly used the shrubs to huddle while they formulated a plan, and eventually agreed to address the media on the situation if cameras weren't present. He hasn't been delivering those bangs to the president's liking anymore, though, as evidenced by yesterday's tweets from Trump. Spicer returned to the podium Friday to address Comey's departure and Trump's first foreign trip.

According to an Associated Press report, President Donald Trump may be seeking communications help from Fox News in the wake of the media circus surrounding the president's firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

WHCA president Jeff Mason posted the message to Twitter Friday. Reports indicated that the White House was caught off-guard by the backlash that the move received and was not ready to address it the very same night the decision was made public.

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"Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future "press briefings" and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???"

"He said: "[Twitter] is a way to add distribution not a substitute for a vibrant & free press.

"So why were so many people giving answers that just weren't correct?"

You can now add "Sean Spicer arguing about hiding in bushes" to the list of weird things that have happened this week. "Oh my god, for the billionth time no", an administration official told BuzzFeed News Thursday. Just ask James Comey.

An ally of Spicer's told The Wall Street Journal he knows "this hasn't been a good week for him", referencing the press secretary's off-camera interview near some bushes on the White House North Lawn after news broke about Comey's firing. Many people assumed he would be fired after he "hid among the bushes" when former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey was sacked.

Bill O'Reilly: Sean Spicer Is 'Just Weak,' Trump Sends 'Muddled Messages'